How to create a romantic date night at home
Valentine's day is just around the corner
Published 07 February

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, and whether you buy into it or not, it’s always a nice idea to show that special someone you’re thinking of them.

I don’t think there’s a more thoughtful way of celebrating Valentine’s day than with a romantic date night at home. You can personalise the evening to perfectly spoil your partner and don’t have to worry about OTT displays of affection from other couples around you!

Here are my ideas and tips to create a night they won’t forget!

1. Ice cream date

Does your partner scream for ice-cream? Then how fun and special would it be to create an ice-cream date at home with their favourite flavours?! Getattisimo and Coles have a huge selection of flavours to choose from.

You could create an impressive platter like the one pictured below or check out these ice-cream dessert ideas from Gelatissimo for something a little different.


2. Board games

Before you sigh, you may have forgotten just how fun playing board games can be.

A game of 5 Second Rule will have you laughing out loud in no time, while Twister is always a popular favourite.


3. Cook your favourite meal together

If board games aren’t your thing, perhaps you’d enjoy creating a meal together instead?

You can’t get more simple than Jamie Oliver’s 5 ingredients recipes or if you prefer a challenge, Neil Perry’s recipes will see you create a gourmet meal at home.

While you’re going to the effort of cooking a beautiful meal, don’t forget to put just as much effort into your table setting. You can find beautiful tableware at many stores in Canberra Centre but the new range of ceramic plates at Target has got to be our top pick for affordability and style.


4. Showtime

Sometimes there’s nothing more enjoyable than just putting on a great film and relaxing.

With DVDs starting at $5 from Target, you can afford to pick out a few movie options to have several genres covered. Don’t forget to make some homemade popcorn and if you feel like being especially romantic, you could offer your partner a foot rub or massage during the film.

5. Wine under the stars

Another relaxing idea is to simply curl up outside under the stars with a wine or other drink of choice in hand. If you’re lucky, it will be a warm evening, otherwise you could wrap some large blankets around you – how seriously romantic is that?!

Look at star constellations, talk about your dreams for the future or laugh about some of your favourite memories together – sometimes it’s the simplest of dates that are the most memorable.

A stylish wine cooler like this one from top3 by design will keep your wine at the ideal temperature while the hours pass by.


6. Beauty night

It’s no secret that both men and women enjoy a bit of pampering (don’t deny it!) and with a huge range of beauty stores at Canberra Centre, you can create an epic day-spa-like experience at home. A bath with salts or bath bombs, face masks, or mani session are all fun ideas both Him and Her can enjoy. Lush, Aesop, Jurlique and Perfect Potion are just a few of the stores that are worth visiting to stock up on bath and beauty supplies.

7. Set the scene with candles

Regardless of what date idea you go with, adding some candles will instantly create a romantic ambience with their soft glow and heavenly scents. My top picks are Diptyque from Mecca Cosmetica, Lumira from The Cool Hunter or Damselfly from Myer.

For greater impact, scatter candles across the room but be sure to do this safely by placing them on a tray or other heat-resistant surface and keep the area around the candles clear.

This article was written by Style Curator.

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