Modern coastal design trends
Add some modern coastal elements to your home.
Published 19 March

The coastal interior style has long been a favourite for its easy, breezy, relaxed vibe that evokes a feeling of summer holidays all year round.

Recently, the coastal style has been given a new spin with strong Nordic undertones, taking it from the typical sand and seashells look to one that’s more subtle and adaptable. So even those who live hundreds of kilometers from the shoreline are embracing this hybrid style.

Here’s how you could add some modern coastal elements to your home to set a mood.

Inject timber accents

Bringing natural materials into your home, such as timber furniture and décor, creates the sense of blurring indoors and outdoors. The coastal style is well known for its bleached out timbers and lighter driftwoods.

You don’t have to scoop up pieces that obviously fit the coastal aesthetic, such as oars, instead take a cue from this hybrid style and look for pieces that have a clean, simple shape.

Left: Country Road Hurricane Vase $49.95 Right: The Square Glass Canister Myer $19.95



The Nordic influence on this hybrid style calls for décor and products that are streamlined and simple. Candles and products with minimalist packaging also complement this style beautifully.

For sleek design, it’s hard to look past this stunning coat rack that also ticks the box of bringing in natural timber.

Left: The Skagerak Coat Rack Top 3 by Design $375 Right: The Byredo Candle Mecca $89.00


Blue tones

The coastal style is naturally associated with blue tones – it brings a sense of the ocean and those endless blue skies into your home – so why not look for some subtle ways you can embrace this colour?

Blue is the most calming colour in the spectrum and represents security and tranquility.

Here are some of my favourite new pieces.

Left: Ro flower vase Top 3 by Design $97.00 Middle: Apollo tray The Cool Hunter $49.95 Right: Aden quilt cover Country Road $199.00

Rattan and jute

Other natural materials that pair well with the coastal Nordic style are rattan and jute. You’ve probably noticed many new rugs and homewares in these materials hitting stores lately, including incredibly affordable versions at stores like Big W too.

Just a few pieces will bring a natural warmth and texture to your home. 

Jute rug BIGW $29.00


Using these easy tips of embracing timber accents, minimalist design pieces, blue tones and natural fibres, you can create a warm and welcoming mood in your home that blends traditional elements of the coastal style with a modern Nordic twist.

Have you been inspired to refresh your interior with a few new pieces to create a relaxed mood and the sense of a greater connection with nature?

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