Canberra Conversations: Chatting about our mums
Members of the Canberra Centre community swap stories about the impact their mums have had on their lives
Published 11 May

As part of our new Canberra Conversations series, we brought together five members of the Canberra Centre community over coffee at GreenHouse Coffee and Food Co. With Mother’s Day in mind, we asked them about the impact their mums have had on their lives.

For Aveda’s Anna-Marie and top3 by design’s Sam, the conversation clarified how powerful a mother’s influence can be – even when you now live hemispheres apart. For Canberra Centre stylist Janette (aka @TheStatementLife), and Nathan of GreenHouse Coffee and Food Co, our questions got them thinking about how their mums’ passions have fed their own. And for The Pen Boutique’s Steven, the conversation illuminated how a mother’s support can come in many forms.

Tune into their conversation for a reminder of what makes mums special.

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