Libby Babet’s simple tips for falling in love with exercise
A sneak peek of the fitness expert's top health and fitness advice ahead of her EDEN masterclass.
Published 28 August

Libby is a woman of many talents who doesn’t know how to sit still – not even when she’s heavily pregnant, like she is now. When she’s not splitting her time between her two workout studios in Sydney or creating her healthy, handy Chief Nutrition snacks, she’s busy planning her inaugural Nurture Her ‘bizcation’ event in Fiji that brings together business women and the best fitness names in Australia to teach, train and inspire a more balanced life. Oh, and last year she was also a trainer on The Biggest Loser: Transformed.


Between all her many commitments, she’s coming into EDEN to share all her wisdom for fitting everything into your day and finding the energy to do it all, in two exclusive masterclasses on Saturday 1st September. Libby will be sharing her top tips for overhauling your wellbeing – including how to make your fitness and healthy eating goals marry up for real success. Then two of her BUF Girl trainers will be leading a fun group workout session.


Ahead of the event, we asked Libby to give us some insights into how she found her fitness calling and her top tips for living a healthier life.


Where does your passion for health and fitness come from?


“In my early 20s I became very unwell and ended up receiving a life-changing diagnosis of chronic hypertension. This meant I was constantly at risk of suffering a stroke unless I took a lot of medication, every day. This was what inspired me to learn everything I could about health, from nutrition and fitness to creating a healthy, balanced approach that allowed me to climb back to a place of good health and real happiness.”


What is the BUF Girls concept all about?


“BUF Girls is a fun fitness experience, driven by warm, loving and upbeat trainers, designed specifically to help women and girls everywhere fall in love with fitness and live their best life. BUF stands for Beautiful, Unstoppable, Fearless and those are the three pillars our team believe help women to live happier lives - creating beautifulconnections with a positive community that inspires them, an unstoppablebody through the right kind of movement and nutrition, and a fearlessmindset by learning new things and embracing new challenges.”


What made you decide to sign up as a trainer on The Biggest Loser: Transformed? 


“When I was offered a spot on The Biggest Loser: Transformed, I jumped at it because I thought Australia needed to see that fitness wasn’t all about being shrieked at to move faster and lift heavier, that nutrition didn’t have to be about counting calories and that in fact, driving your own experience, learning to love movement and being mindful with your food choices is both a healthier and more sustainable way to create a healthy body that stays with you for good.”


What’s your advice for helping those who don’t really like exercising to fall in love with working out?


“Start with thinking about what’s most important to you in your life – is it family, career, adventure, fun? Then associate that with why you exercise. For example, if you want your family to grow up healthy and happy, that has to start with your example, so use that as motivation to get moving! If you want to start a successful business, or achieve success in your chosen career, that’s going to require an incredible amount of energy and that means being in top shape and not eating foods that slow your brain or body down. 


Next up, don’t believe the silly fitness hype that every body is the same and needs a certain number of calories and a certain style of movement to be their fittest and healthiest – this just isn’t true. Find something that feels fun and uplifting for you, something that will make you WANT to come back for more.”


What’s your favourite way to exercise?


“I love group fitness classes that are curated cleverly and have a purpose. But if I had to choose one thing to do forever, it would probably be walking, because it’s so underrated and really clears the mind, elevates the spirit and feeds your body with energy, all while you get your nature fix!”


What’s one exercise you personally don’t like?


“I’m not a big fan of long-distance runs – I just get bored, it’s my personality! Instead I take long walks and hikes to get my endurance work in, and I train the way I love to – in a group, in a gym, with great music and great girls around me!”


What’s your favourite part of your week?


“Despite the media, stage and business work I now do, I’m still a working personal trainer and my favourite part of my week is still showing up to classes and giving people an incredible, fun, engaging experience with fitness, and changing the way they think about their health and what it means to them.”


How do you like to spend your downtime?


“To me, quality time means hikes, days spent surfing or exploring beaches, just hanging out with a cup of tea and a good conversation, a workout and brunch date, reading books in the park… it’s the quiet moments free of distraction, out in nature, combining moments of wellness and rest, with moments of togetherness.” 


What’s your guilty food pleasure?


“I know this is a weird one but I LOVE butter! On sourdough toast, on veggies, on everything it’s possible to put butter on! Hehe… I always make sure it’s a healthy, grass-fed, real butter product though – no nasty margarines for me, it’s gotta be the real thing!”


Want to learn more tips from Libby on how to give your wellbeing a boost? Join us at Libby’s EDEN masterclasses on Saturday 1stSeptember from 10:30am-12pm and 1pm-2:30pm. To secure your place, purchase your ticket here.

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