8 must-have items from the new MUJI store
Eight items available at MUJI Canberra that you need in your life right now.
Published 01 August

As lovers of minimalist design, functional fashion and aesthetically pleasing storage solutions rejoice at the arrival of MUJI in Canberra, we've rounded up eight classic items from the world's leading no-brand brand to help streamline your life and style today.


This iconic, user-friendly music player designed by Naoto Fukasawa back in 1999 (and since updated to incorporate FM radio) is the perfect way to make use of that back catalogue of CDs you can't bring yourself to throw away. The sleek, space-saving piece is a staple in MUJI hotels, and features in Fukasawa's coffee table bookreleased earlier this year, for its embodiment of minimalist design principles. There's no instruction manual required here - simply tug the cord to turn the player on or off and enjoy your favourite album.


Here we have a classic example of MUJI's clean and pared-back approach to fashion: a basic shirt that is beautiful and easy to move in. It's made from 100% glossy, long-fibre Xinjiang cotton, with special attention paid to the sleeve design to ensure easy arm movement. The hem stays put without any underarm creasing, allowing you look well put-together with minimal effort.


These storage cases exist to help bring all your Marie Kondo-inspired decluttering dreams to life. You can use them in combination with tray units to sort and store small items that are easily lost or jumbled, like office supplies or makeup, while still being able to see exactly what's inside.




MUJI's ever-popular gel pens allow you to inject some colour into your workspace and easily rival far more expensive ballpoints as a result of their special smooth-writing ink. Leak-proof refills in a range of colours allow you to cut down on waste as well as make your to-do lists and meeting notes more attractive.


If you're short on space, you absolutely need the MUJI telescopic cleaning system. It consists of an extending pole and nine interchangable attachments, including different mop heads, a duster and a glass cleaner. Who needs multiple cleaning tools cluttering up the cupboard when one will do?




This essential oil diffuser uses ultrasonic waves rather than a flame to effectively disperse a fragrant mist around a room, so there is no degradation of the scent. We approve.


Sick of your socks riding up your heel or bunching beneath your sole? Then rejoice that MUJI's seemingly simple but in fact rather sophisticated right-angle socks are here. Shaped at the same 90-degree angle as the human foot, rather than the 120-degree angle of other mass produced socks, MUJI socks are designed to stay up without ever being too tight at the cuff.


This beanbag-style sofa features a knitted fabric that has been modified to limit stretching while still allowing the seat to change shape depending on your posture.



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