4 healthy things you should be doing during your lunch break
Step away from your desk and make your lunch hour count.
Published 07 September

Lunch breaks are often a wasted opportunity. Too many of us skip them altogether. But you need to make sure you’re actually having a lunch break every day. The mental refresh alone will help reboot your concentration so you can continue to work effectively for the rest of the day. That’s not the only reason. If you use your time wisely, you could reap other health benefits, too. All in under an hour. Here’s how you should be spending your lunch break.

Go for a walk

You don’t need to try and squeeze in a full workout during your lunch break (you will feel too rushed, plus taking a mid-day shower isn’t ideal). A brisk walk can do you even more good than a high-intensity workout. It gets your heart pumping and oxygen flowing, which will boost your energy and concentration. Invite a friend or work colleague along – the social aspect will further help clear you mind and boost your mood. To avoid any excuses, leave a pair of sneakers under your desk at all times.

Eat slowly

Eating fast food every day isn’t good for your health, and actually eating fast also doesn’t do you any favours. When you eat too quickly, your brain doesn’t have time to catch up with your body, so it’s unable to determine if you’re still hungry. Slowing down will prevent you from overeating. Also, think of lunch as a time to refuel: healthy food gives you sustainable energy to keep going, whereas high-sugar meals may have you crashing by 3pm.

Read a book

Reading may feel like a lunch-time luxury, and in many ways it is. It nurtures your mind and helps free your thoughts from your work deadlines and responsibilities. It’s the perfect mental break and a great way to reclaim some ‘me’ time during your work week. When you head back to your desk you will be refreshed and re-focused.

Get a foot massage

A massage in your lunch break would be great, but the greasy aftermath renders that option impossible. But a foot massage? That’s doable. Not to mention incredibly beneficial for your health. Your feet are home to many of your internal organs’ sensory nerves so applying pressure to points in your feet can treat ailments and send energy to areas of your body. Head to Natural Health Massage and Royal Hands Massage – let your massage therapist know if you have any specific health concerns and they can tailor your treatment accordingly.

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