Scott Gooding’s take on the trending keto diet
Our EDEN expert shares his tips for making healthier food and lifestyle choices.
Published 11 September

Scott Gooding knows about the all-important balance of food versus exercise. He’s a personal trainer and healthy chef in one, and recently published a book on the keto diet – a food philosophy inspired by the science of ketosis that puts emphasis on the importance of real food, gut health and reducing inflammation. Ahead of his EDEN Nutrition Masterclass, we asked Scott for an insight into his daily life and food philosophy.

What does a typical day look like for you?

“Well I’ve just moved to the northern beaches of Sydney, which has changed my day quite a bit actually. For years I’ve trained in a gym most mornings before knuckling down to work. However, the move has meant I’m so much closer to the beach so it seems crazy to head to a gym when it’s so beautiful outside. So, a typical day now involves drinking coffee then training on the beach before heading home for a shower, breakfast and work. I’m most productive in the morning so I try to cram in as much work in the mornings and early arvo before my attention dips. Mid-afternoon I’ll grab my son from school and we’ll hang out. Dinner is always a focus in our household so that typically occupies the evenings. Gone are the days of wild times and late nights - I’m usually in bed by 9pm!”

Why are you a strong advocate for the keto diet?

“First and foremost, I promote a real-food diet of building your health foundation based on unprocessed, real food options. If you do this it enables your physiology to auto-regulate allowing for health and longevity. Secondly, my underlying focus is to lower inflammation through diet, fasting and lifestyle choices.”

What are your top tips for someone who’s trying to eat a healthier diet, but doesn’t know where to start?

“Tip #1: More often than not the resistances that people face are due to self-limiting beliefs and negative patterns of behaviour, so I’d suggest investigating the psychology component and recognise any self-sabotage mechanisms first.
Tip #2: Minimise sugar as best you can - even if it follows a gradual approach rather than going cold turkey - this will require a quick lesson in reading food labels and becoming your own food detective.
Tip #3: Eliminate gluten from your diet – regardless of whether you’re gluten intolerant as it’s detrimental to our health.
Tip #4: Aiming for a low-carb diet will help you to auto-regulate.
Tip #5: Eat a plant-rich diet with some ethical protein and healthy fats.
Tip #6: Once you have built your foundation of real food and enjoying cooking 80% of your food at home, then perhaps look at alternative ways to enhance health such as fasting.”

What does a day on plate look like for you?

“Always plenty of plant foods with some ethical protein such as MSC fish or organic/grass-fed lamb. Plus, two coffees a day, eggs with plenty of greens (shallots, kale, broccoli, sauerkraut and avocado); a green smoothie made with coconut milk, avo, spinach, beetroot, nut butter and berries; fish and salad or lamb and pumpkin; and berries.

What’s your guilty food pleasure?

“I get asked this quite a bit and as boring as it sounds I don’t really have one. I like the occasional orange wine but that’s about it really.”

To meet Scott and hear more of his tips for kickstarting a healthier lifestyle, come by his EDEN Masterclass on Saturday 29th September, 11am-12pm. To secure your place, purchase your ticket here.

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