Reach your wellbeing goals at EDEN’s upcoming masterclasses
A space to reconnect with yourself and be inspired
Published 18 September

As we hurry around trying to get through our never-ending to-do list, juggling work, family and a social life, it can be all too easy to forget about the most important thing – you. Taking time out from your hectic schedule may seem impossible, but doing so opens up the gates to a clearer mind, a happier soul and a healthier body. 


Looking after yourself comes in so many forms: exercising regularly, eating right, finding creative outlets, pampering yourself… That’s where EDEN comes in.


Back for its third year, EDEN is a health and wellness sanctuary within Canberra Centre that will be home to an exciting line-up of inspirational masterclasses hosted by Australia’s leading health, beauty and wellness experts.


Here’s a sneak peek of what you can look forward to:


Fitspo masterclass with Libby Babet and the BUF Girls 

The Biggest Loser: Transformationtrainer and founder of BUF Girls, Libby Babet is a wealth of wellbeing knowledge. More than just a personal trainer who makes working out a fun and addictive exercise, Libby believes in a wholistic approach to being your best self, from eating right (sans calorie counting!) to increasing everyday happiness through simple activities. During the workshops Libby will first share her tips and best advice for living a happier and healthier life, followed by  a group workout with the BUF Girls, where you’ll get to experience a new way to workout. 


When: Saturday 1stSeptember,  10:30am – 12:00pm & 1:00pm – 2:30pm,

Where: Level 1, outside Country Road


Extreme knitting masterclass with Jacqui Fink

Jacqui Fink is a former lawyer turned master knitter, who has taken the art to the next level. The creator of extreme knitting, Jacqui is famous for her plush merino wool creations crafted with oversized knitting needles as big as the body. She’s sharing her knitting know-how in her masterclass, and will show you how to knit on an extreme scale. At the end of the class, you’ll get to walk away with your own knitted creation.


When: Saturday 15thSeptember,  10:30am – 12:30pm 

Where: Level 1, outside Country Road
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Nutrition & lifestyle masterclass with Scott Gooding

Also stopping by EDEN is former My Kitchen Rulessemi-finalist Scott Gooding. Combining his know-how as a personal trainer and healthy chef, Scott’s goal is to inspire others to go back to basics and take a more fuss-free approach to food and fitness. He’s a strong advocate for the currently trending keto diet, only he thinks of it more as a lifestyle choice than a ‘diet’. Get the lowdown on this low-carb, high-fat food movement and discover Scott’s go-to keto recipes that are all about flavour without compromise, in his nutrition and lifestyle masterclass. 


When: Saturday 29thSeptember, 11am – 12pm

Where: Level 1, outside Country Road

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Candle making masterclass with Meisha Strykowski

Any candle addict will be all too familiar with the luxe aesthetic and intoxicatingly beautiful scents of Cocoluxe Australia. Founded by Meisha Strykowski, nature is the leading inspiration behind each of the hand-crafted candles in the Cocoluxe collection. During her hand-on candle-making masterclass, you will learn how to make a candle and leave with your very own EDEN-scented candle.


When: Saturday 13thOctober, 11am – 12pm & 2pm – 3pm 

Where: Level 1, outside Country Road

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Beauty masterclass with  Pinky

Makeup artist Nicole Thompson, aptly nicknamed Pinky due to her signature bright pink hair, knows her makeup. She knows all the latest techniques and trends, and is a pro at creating any look imaginable – from the subtle ‘no makeup’ makeup trend to bold and colourful looks inspired by those seen first-hand by Nicole backstage at all the international fashion week shows. In her masterclass, she’ll be sharing all her expert tips and during a live demonstration, she’ll show you exactly how to create a morning meeting look, a daytime look, and something fitting for a night out.


When: Saturday 27thOctober, 12pm – 1pm 

Where: Ground level, Monaro Mall, outside David Jones

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