Meet our stylists
Seeing yourself through someone else's eyes can uncover hidden fashion potential you never knew existed. If you find yourself buying the same fashion from season to season, a personal stylist can help open up a whole new style that is perfect for you.
Published 07 April

Our stylists live and breathe fashion at every level and are your go-to girls for what is in season and in Centre. Whether you choose a personal or group session, it's an indulgent, pampering and rewarding experience you'll want to do every season.

Meet Fiona Keary


Two of your most important assets are time and your personal brand. I get it. You're busy with work and personal commitments, yet you want to create a polished and professional image that doesn't require hours of investment every day.

Do you freak out about what to wear to a work function or team building event? Do you have a wardrobe full of costly mistakes that you never wear? Or, are you completely bored of your Monday outfit, Tuesday outfit, Wednesday outfit…….etc?

I can help.

I was a style tragic! I loved clothes but I had no idea how to pull it all together. Sometimes I got it right, but ‘wow’ sometimes I got it very wrong. I had a wardrobe full of clothes, many of them costly mistakes and nothing mixed and matched. 

I work with clients to simplify their wardrobes, invest in great pieces and save them valuable time.

You may just need a refresher, learn some new tricks and tools and you’re happy to make the changes yourself. Or, you may want me to guide you through the entire process from discovering your style, decluttering and replenishing your wardrobe.


Meet Janette Wojtaszak


Want to ace the look you have always wanted, chic and polished?!

I will make sure you have the perfect pieces for your capsule wardrobe. Pieces that will suit your personal style, body shape and lifestyle.

Whether you’re looking to update your wardrobe, learn how to dress for your body shape or simply want to refine your look - I will help you find exactly what you're looking for!

We start the style session off with a conversation. We work out what your style goals and what clothing items you need to ace your look

We tailor your session to suit your needs. I want you to feel confident in the clothes you own. I want to teach you how to style reliable combinations together and what key pieces to invest in - so that every time you leave the house you feel empowered and chic. I will make dressing easier for you.


For more information about our personal styling services or to make a booking please email [email protected].

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