Celebrate your little one's birthday at home
We’ve put together a list of fun and creative ways to help you celebrate your kid’s birthday in times of social distancing!
Published 17 April

We understand many parents have had to sadly reconsider their little one’s birthday plans for the next couple of weeks.  That's not to say you can't continue to celebrate life's milestones from the comfort of your home! 

We’ve put together a list of fun and creative ways to help you celebrate your kid’s birthday in times of social distancing.

Online Gaming Party

Now is the perfect time to have the ultimate gamer meet up. Put on your favourite multi-player game, chuck on your headset and have some fun! 

You could invite friends to come and play virtually for a special occasion and encourage them to wear outfits that match the theme and to share photos for everyone to have a laugh. 


Host a virtual birthday party 

A lot of companies are now offering interactive live entertainment that can be accessed anywhere at any time via video streaming. All you need to do is choose from the vast choice of popular themes and characters and enjoy plenty of classic kids party games and activities, via entertainment websites like Amazing Kids Parties

You will be able to invite friends to join the online party and enjoy the interactive customised party all from the comfort of their own home! 

For kids who like to show their creative side there are also Lego and science virtual parties available. The hosts will take the kids through a range of fun building or science challenges to keep them entertained. 

Some other ideas include bringing a princess, superhero or favourite movie character to the virtual party with a short story time video, one-on-one interaction with the character and interactive games accessible via their online platform. You can book your preferred package online via a range of sites including Amazing Kids Parties or Star Dust Kids Entertainment

Photo credit: Amazing Kids Parties

Outdoor camping adventure and movie night

Enjoy the ‘great outdoors’ with your family, but instead of heading into the wilderness, set up camp in your very own backyard! 

It’s always fun to do something out of the ordinary, so a camping trip in your backyard is the perfect way to spice up your usual day-to-day life and celebrate something special.  

Don’t have a backyard? Well, why not set up camp in your living room? 

You could also organise your very own outdoor cinema in your backyard. If you don’t have a screen projector, try using a thick white sheet, connect your Bluetooth speakers and projector to either a laptop or your phone and choose a fun movie for the whole family to enjoy together. 

Depending on your space, you could provide beanbags, chairs, cushions or blankets. To create a gorgeous ambience, citronella candles look great plus help to keep mosquitoes at bay. 


Image credit: Nordicstretchtents 

Host a Zoom Party

If you want to connect with people outside of your home, why not host a Zoom party? Invite relatives and friends to join in and get ready for lots of laughs as you get to watch everyone partying away in their own homes. 

To keep the theme going, you could organise themed party boxes to be delivered to all the guests by post or by car if they live in your neighbourhood. 

Image credit: Thriftyfun

The party boxes could contain games, hats, props and goodies so each kid would have all the essentials for the zoom party in their own house. You can even get a cake and candles ready for everyone to sing along for the occasion. 

All you’ll need for your Zoom party is a device with a working camera and speaker. Set up the date and time and invite all the little friends to join the fun. 

Get on theme 

Does your little one love unicorns? Or maybe they are more into superheros? 

Whatever their current obsession may be, why not make them feel special by transforming your home into a themed wonderland? 

Some fun party theme ideas include jungle, mermaid, under the sea, dinosaur and fairy. 

Photography by Hannah Blackmore for Hooray Mag


Plan a Scavenger Hunt

Why not create ‘treasure’ hunt for your little one to search for their birthday gift? 

You can hide clues in various places throughout your home and garden and watch as their excitement grows as they get closer to their ‘prize’. 

Organise their favourite dinner

Have you had to cancel a booking at your child’s favourite restaurant? 

Well, why not head online to see if they are offering home delivery or takeaway? You can all get cosy and enjoy some delicious food from the comfort of your home.

If you’d like some inspiration, we have a bunch of delivery and takeaway options from restaurants and cafes at Canberra Centre listed on our website here