Lululemon's tips for creating a yoga space at home
With our homes currently as an office, gym and hotel, yoga can offer an escape from our strange new normal
Published 06 April
It’s a given that different places put us in different headspaces.

Just as walking into the office elevator switches you on for a day of work and the thump of music as we walk into the gym gets us primed for a workout, walking in the door at home offers an immediate dose of relaxation—until recently.

Now, in the age of COVID-19, our homes have become our office, gym, conference room, cinema, school and hotel. It’s a lot to balance in a space that once was just for rest and relaxation.

One activity perfect for this strange new world, however, is yoga. Aside from promoting movement and flexibility, yoga also focuses heavily on mindful breathing and the relaxation it brings—something I’m sure we could all use a little of right now.

“Yoga reduces anxiety and stress levels and makes us feel a little more sane,” explains Andrew Anthony, yoga instructor and Manager at Lululemon Canberra Centre.

“Some of the things people will be experiencing right now is uncertainty and fear—all of that lives in our busy brains. So, if we can move our bodies, feel our bodies and feel our breath—which yoga is all about—that helps us come into a space which is more connected to ourselves and we feel more grounded.”

Creating your own space for yoga at home is also foolproof—simply roll out a yoga mat anywhere, at any time, and you have a yoga space.

“Obviously from a practical perspective, yoga is not something that requires a lot of space,” says Andrew. “You don’t need to use weights or special shoes. All you need is you and an [online] instructor.”

Of course, this experience can be enriched in a number of ways. If you have the luxury of an empty room, consider creating a dedicated studio by clearing away clutter and investing in some at-home yoga essentials like a high-quality mat (Andrew recommends a 5mm mat, which works well on both hard and soft surfaces), yoga blocks or a stretching strap.

Even if you’re just using the floor of your living room, study or bedroom, creating a dedicated space and investing in your props can make a huge difference in switching from work mode, to yoga mode. As Andrew says, it’s about getting “out of our heads and into our minds” on a regular basis.

“Yoga is great because you can do it every day and you don’t fatigue,” he adds. “You don’t need to have a rest day or a protein shake after you’ve done yoga—it doesn’t ‘ask’ you to do anything.”

While Lululemon stores are closed across Australia to protect staff wellbeing, you can purchase everything you need online (with free shipping, we might add) and explore their Sweat Life blog and YouTube tutorials.

With online yoga classes, a run training guide from 5 km to marathon and even a guide to their Top Five Sweaty HIIT Workouts, you’ll find everything you need to stay active at home.

Quality fabrics and materials can also make a big difference when it comes to getting in the right headspace at home. After all, who wants a waistband digging in during Warrior I pose? Not me.

With all the money you’re saving staying at home, why not invest in some beautiful, comfortable pieces of activewear for the months ahead? After all, we all know you’ll be wearing them to work from home anyway…


First and foremost, you’ll be needing a yoga mat. Not only is this essential for your yoga practice, but as you can see from these Lululemon workout suggestions, you can use it for HIIT workouts too.


The Reversible Mat 5mm | $79

Next, some yoga tights to see you through the coming winter and beyond.

I can say from personal experience that these tights are like nothing else—so soft, so stretchy and perfect for when you want to get bendy. They also come in shorter lengths.


Align High-Rise Pant 28” | $119

A great prop to have handy at all times is a yoga block. Made of firm foam, blocks are ideal for stabilising during standing poses, lifting you during bends or popping under your head.


Life and Lengthen Yoga Block | $19

Lastly, we all can agree that an essential part of any workout is the perfect bra. For yoga and slower at-home workouts (and for wearing…pretty much all the time now that we’re #WFH) you’re looking for something soft and flexible, like this Flow Y Bra.

Made of the same soft Nulu fabric as the tights above and with a simple racerback, you’ll forget you’re wearing this.


Flow Y Bra | $59