Perfect Skin Preparation with Shella Martin
Shella Martin was awarded Australia’s AHFA and MAGAP Makeup Artist of the Year’19 and the AMIA Editorial Makeup Artist of the Year’19. We have asked her to share with us her the best routine for perfect skin preparation.
Published 16 July

Through this step-by-step tutorial, Shella is giving us all the tips and tricks to re-inject and hydrate the skin for a natural glow.

Step 1: 

To start off Shella recommends using her favourite Mecca Bright Eyed Hydrogel Eye Masks. Place the hydrogel mask underneath the eye and press lightly on the mask going towards the outside of the eye to act as decongestant. Leave the eye masks on for 20 mins – perfect if you need to get ready!




Step 2: 

Do you want to make sure your everyday routine properly sinks into your skin? Shella recommends using L’Occitane Reine Blanche Exfoliant, this product lightly exfoliates and polishes the skin that will further radiate and glow. 

Tip: Regularly getting rid of the dead skins using an exfoliator makes your skin easier to work with.


Step 3: 

Now let’s look at products that will boost your skin – eye creams and serums are vital for that. One of Shella’s favourite is the C-Firma Day Serum from Drunk Elephant. This product is great at pushing antioxidant into the skin, apply evenly on the face and up-close to the eye area avoiding going over the eye.  


Step 4:

To support the serum, Shella recommends using the Grown Alchemist Age Repair Eye Cream Tetra-Peptide & Centella. Apply a small amount around the eye area making sure to be very gentle as the eye contour’s skin is very vulnerable. 




Step 5: 

To tackle the dryness of the lips, Shella uses the Green Routine Multi-Purpose Balm from Modelsprefer. This multi-purpose balm will keep your lips looking fresh.


Step 6: 

Finding a day cream that will support your make-up application is very important. Shella uses the Grown Alchemist’s Hydra Repair Day Cream - she recommends adjusting the layers of the cream according to your skin’s requirement.

Following the application of your day cream, applying a sunscreen as part of your daily routine is vital for your skin. Rationale B3-T Tinted Superfluid is Shella’s go-tos as it gives the skin a beautiful dewy texture.  


Step 7: 

Perfectly prepped skin also includes the application of a concealer. MAC Prep + Prime Highlighter is perfect as it isn’t thick and adds a lot of light to your skin. Place on the sides of the face where you have some shadowing to make your skin look brighter. 

Tip: To wear the brows naturally, brush them up slightly for a natural look. 


Step 8: 

To give a little more lustre across the high planes of the skin, Shella loves using MAC Strobe Cream Hydratant Lumineux that contains a highlight and skin care in the same product. Shella loves using the ‘Pinklite’ colour cream across the sides of the cheek and below the brow bone. Follow by applying some of Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist to keep your skin nice and hydrated. 

Tip: Pop some of the MAC strobe cream across the lips, on the nose and chin to bring the light forward down the centre of the face. 


Step 9: 

One of the final steps for a perfect skin recommended by Shella is to use Clarins’ Santal Treatment Oil which is to be mixed with another product to create a potion that is easy to apply. This product will leave your skin looking beautiful and lustrous. 

Tip: Be sure to apply the mixed potion onto your neck and across the body for an even glow of the neck area. 



Step 10:

The final touch is to apply a little bit of Napoleon Perdis Gloss on the lips.