Welcome Outdoor Explorers
You're now in the running to win one of 5 packs containing everything your little explorer needs to create the craft items found in the videos, plus some other spring goodies!
Published 24 September

Hello and welcome to all our new little adventurers, we hope you've packed your hat, backpack and have your sneakers ready as we get set to explore our own backyards these Spring school holidays!


Tall Trees Episode
Learn about trees, their lifespan and life stages, and their leaves and why they shed, change colour and regrow. Kids can create tree art using things found in the backyard and finish with tree yoga poses. 


Creepy Crawlies Episode
Learn about our creepy crawly friends, different breeds and how they create magical webs! Kids can create their own hanging spider to scare at home, and jump and crawl like a spider! 


Flying Friends Episode
Learn about native birds such as the Magpie, why they swoop, what they eat and how they recognise human faces. Kids can create a swooping magpie and duck and jump to the Magpie dance!


Flower Power Episode
Kids learn how to pot and grow seedlings into beautiful spring flowers and how to draw them in a tutorial. Flower pressing and pot decorating is up for this activity!

Veggie Buds Episode
Kids will learn how to grow, care and harvest their own vegetables, and why we need scarecrows to keep our veggies safe! Kids can step into the kitchen to collect fruit seeds to start a mini veggie patch.

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