Welcome to At Home with Santa
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Published 11 November

Episode 1: In the Kitchen with Lolly

Light Up Cupcakes 

Learn to make Chocolate cupcakes that light up the North Pole with Lolly and the cheeky Elves.


Episode 2: Craft Time with the Cheeky Elves 

Rudolph Cardboard Tubes

Our Cheeky elves will take us through one of their favourite crafts. Enough giggles and fun for everyone, we’re creating Rudolph Cardboard Tubes. 


Episode 3: Craft Time with the Cheeky Elves

Christmas Wreaths

Oh no! Santa’s wreath has gone missing! Santa puts his cheeky elves to work making a new paper wreath for his front door. Maybe this time it won’t get eaten by the Reindeers! 


Episode 4: Story Time with Lolly the Elf 

Christmas on the Farm

Christmas on the farm storytelling with Lolly the Elf 


Episode 5: Sing and Dance with the Cheeky Elves 

Santa Claus is Coming to Town 

Get ready to sing and dance with Santa’s carollers to Santa Claus is coming to town. Fun, energetic and lots of laughs 


Episode 6: Sing and Dance with the Soldier Girls  

We Need a Little Christmas 

Learn to sing and dance with our energetic soldiers. Singing: We need a little Christmas 


Episode 7: Story Time with Lolly the Elf 

The Sleepy Elf

The Sleepy Elf story told by Lolly the Elf and friends 


Episode 8: Sing and Dance with the Candy Elves 

Jingle Bell Rock 

Learn to sing and dance to Jingle Bell Rock with the Candy elves 


Episode 9: In the Kitchen with Santa 

Frosty’s Meltdown Cookies 

Join Santa and his helpers to make these yummy Christmas Cookies 


Episode 10: Craft Time with Santa’s friends 

Christmas Chains

Santa’s friends are hard at work to make Rudolph and Frosty Christmas Chains for their tree at home. Grab your craft box and join for easy to follow along and fun for everyone! 







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