9 Whimsical Kids Baking Recipes
Bring the joy of baking into your home with these delightful recipes
Published 20 September

Bring the joy of baking into your home with some simple recipes you can bake alone or with the little ones. We’ve curated a list of delightfully whimsical recipes perfect for a spring garden picnic, from nostalgic treats inspired by the classic school fete, to fun modern takes on classic treats.

1. Lemon Curd Lamingtons 

An Aussie classic reimagined. Using lemon curd icing instead of chocolate, this zesty dessert is perfect for an afternoon treat READ NOW.


Image Credit: Coles


2. Berry Swirl Yogurt Bark

Here's a delicious snack the kids will love, it’s packed with fresh fruit and is super easy to prep READ NOW.

Image Credit: Coles

3. Nut Brittle

 This classic sweet treat will be a family favorite READ NOW. 

Nut Brittle 
Image Credit: Aldi

4. Apple Pie Cupcakes

The classic apple pie is given a fun twist. These apple pie cupcakes are full of delicious flavour, with a surprise filling READ NOW.


Image Credit: Coles 

5. Chocolate Lollipops 

For kids the joy of a lollipop is elevated with a fun twist with this chocolate lollipop recipe READ NOW.

Chocolate Lollypops
Image Credit: Aldi

6. Fairy Bread Jam Roll

Get the kids in the kitchen to help make this colourful fairy bread jam roll. Using a Coles Jam Sponge Roll, it's a fuss-free treat for any celebration READ NOW.

Image Credit: Coles


7. Tahitian Vanilla Salted Caramel Marshmallows

There's something magical about fluffy marshmallows, these are made extra special with vanilla and salted caramel READ NOW. 

Image Credit: Gewurzhaus 

8. Shortbread Hearts 

These oh-so sweet shortbread hearts are the perfect treat for your little ones, READ NOW.

Shortbread hearts
Image Credit: Coles 


9. Baked Donuts

These baked donuts will be a joyful activities for your little ones to help decorate READ NOW. 


Image Credit: Aldi

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