Zero Co x Our A-Maze-Ing Ocean
Proudly partnering with Zero Co
Published 05 January
Zero Co is proudly sponsoring the A-Maze-Ing Ocean school holiday activation in QIC GRE shopping centres to inspire and educate Aussie kids about our amazing underwater environment.

Loving and caring for the ocean is at the core of Zero Co’s business. They are on a mission to clean up the trash junking up our oceans and rid the world of single-use plastic. They’re doing this by creating planet friendly and single-use plastic free home-cleaning and body-care products that are good for your skin, your family and the planet.

Zero Co’s do-goodies are delivered to Aussie homes carbon negative, with refillable packaging made from Ocean, Beach and Landfill waste (OBL), collected from their beach cleanups around the country!

Customers return their used refill pouches for free so Zero Co can clean, refill and send them back out to another customer, over and over again. It’s like the milkman re-imagined - a zero waste, closed loop system to better the planet and our oceans!

So far, Zero Co has pulled over 1 Million water bottles worth of waste from our oceans and has delivered to 45,000+ Aussie homes who have ditched single-use plastic in their kitchen, laundry and bathrooms for good!

Zero Co wants to give our young, planet-loving legends an epic underwater experience these holidays and hope parents feel inspired to look after our oceans by making the switch to single-use plastic free products at home.
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Published on 20 September, 2021
Published on 05 January, 2022