Canberra Centre presents Cupid approved Valentine's experiences
Valentine's Day

Top 10 ways to surprise your loved one this Valentine’s Day

Canberra Centre presents Cupid approved Valentine's experiences
Published 29 January

As January comes to an end the nights grow longer and warmer, love is in the air and Valentine’s Day is the only holiday on our minds. Traditional Valentine’s ideas may seem a little cheesy and overpriced, and while there’s nothing wrong with spoiling the one you love with gifts, the most important thing to remember is that Valentine’s Day is, at its core, about spending time together and cherishing the ones you love – your partner, your kids, or even your furry loves.

One of our favourite go-to options is a sunset picnic – the perfect way to round out Valentine’s Day and enjoy those balmy February evenings with the whole family. Stop by Soul Origin, Roll'd, and Coles and stock your hamper with charcuterie treats like cheese, meats, olives, and fresh salads, and don’t forget a nice bottle of wine for mum and dad!

If you’re looking for other unique ways to celebrate your love this February 14, we’ve collated a list of cupid-approved ideas for him, her, and all the little loves in your life.


Home Cooked Meal

They say food is the way to a man’s heart, and there’s nothing quite as special as a home-cooked meal to show your loved one how much you care. If you’ve been together for a long time, chances are the idea of cooking dinner doesn’t sound that special, but it can be a far more romantic way to spend an evening in each other’s presence. Take a trip to Gewürzhaus to source high-quality herbs and spices you wouldn’t usually cook with, or go the full nine yards and find a restaurant-quality menu to tackle at home – steak tartare and crème brulée, anyone?

For extra brownie points, personalise the night with a theme – why not recreate his favourite restaurant at home, cook the cuisine of his favourite country, or make the meal you ate on your first date?

Couple cooking valentines dinner with a glass of red wine.

Take a surprise day trip

From dawn to dusk, why not organise his perfect day out? From breakfast in bed to a picturesque nature hike, finishing with dinner and drinks at L'Americano or Inka – you know your man better than anyone, so what better way to make him feel loved than with a day of experiences and activities where you’ll create treasured memories together.


Is there anything more romantic than cuddling up and watching a great film? A night at the movies is a classic date night for a reason! If you’re regulars at the movie theatre and want something a little more special, why not opt for Dendy Premium Lounge tickets, or set up an at-home theatre with a projector in your backyard or living room. Paired with your restaurant-quality menu and his all-time favourite movie and you’re set for a romantic and memorable Valentine’s Day.



Make her a playlist

Do you remember the first song you ever danced to? Or that song you  had on repeat on your favourite road trip? Music can cue vivid and emotional memories for us all and taking the time to create a playlist full of those special tunes will send you on a trip down memory lane and rekindle the love of your youth – or at least your early relationship! If you haven’t been together very long, get to know each other better with a playlist of both of your favourite songs, sharing all the memories and reasons why they’re special to you.


A spontaneous date night

There’s nothing quite like a night away from cooking and (as much as we love them) the kids to add a little spark back into your relationship, but it’s even better when it’s unexpected. Surprise her this year by reserving a table at her favourite restaurant, prebooking a premium lounge movie at Dendy Cinemas or organising an evening at that new cocktail bar she’s been eyeing off. Keep her guessing by organising the babysitter, telling her to get dressed up, and then whisking her away to your secret location without a single word of what’s in store for the evening. How romantic! Taking the extra time to make sure it stays a surprise is that little extra effort that shows how much you care.

Spa Day

Renewed, refreshed, and relaxed – a spa day, massage or manicure is just the time out and TLC she needs at the start of the year. Whether she’s a supermum or always-on girlfriend, the women in your life are always busy multitasking and giving them the gift of relaxation will not disappoint! For a win-win, why not opt for a couples massage and reconnect and relax together?


Valentines (4)



Make a chatterbox

The perfect fun, sweet and nostalgic present for your little love, a chatterbox is easy (and cheap) to make, and all you need is paper, pens and a little creativity! Fill your chatterbox with heartfelt messages, advice to lift them up when they’re feeling blue, or even playful reward coupons like a chore-free day, 30 minutes of extra TV time or an hour of alone time with mum or dad.

Let them be the boss!

Let your kids run wild this Valentine's Day with a day spent completely of their choosing! From pancakes for breakfast and pizza for lunch to wearing their favourite outfit (princess dress it is then) and doing exactly what they want with their day. A trip to the zoo, a day spent playing the Xbox, or a fort in front of the TV – they’re the boss today!

Bake a pet-friendly cake or cookies

Loyal, dependant and fuss-free, our furry loves are the best (and cheapest) Valentine’s date there is! While they may not care about expensive presents, you can still show your animal pal how much they mean to you with a few home-baked goodies just for them! Be sure to find a good vet-approved recipe that won’t upset their tummies. Tip: while packing your romantic sunset picnic, throw in some of these delicious treats for your four-legged friend to enjoy the romantic evening by your side.


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Whether it’s shopping for the perfect gift or everything you need for the perfect date night at home, Canberra Centre has everything you need to make sure Valentine’s Day is extra special this year for you and your love.



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