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Published 21 June

Overseas travel is well overdue for everyone! After a couple of years enjoying our incredible Australian backyard, now is the time to explore further. Looking for the ideal location to travel to first? Look no further than Switzerland, whether you’re looking for a culinary adventure, actioned packed trip, Switzerland tickets all the boxes. 

Food & Wine

Treat yourself to a meal at a traditional Swiss inn, a stylish new place with an urban garden, a fine dining establishment known far beyond the national borders, or a place you might visit on a daytrip with panoramic views of the Alps.

A few of our favourite food experience trips available in Switzerland:


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1. Sweet Tour of Zurich

 Whether it’s Brasserie Schiller or Schober in the Niederdorf - a chocolate tour of Zurich is always sweet. Hostess Stephy leads the way to small chocolate makers and traditional pastry shops. The tour ends with a tasting and the guests learn to differentiate good chocolate from bad. Find out more here.


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2. Buy Local, Cook Local

Vegetables from the region, cooked and consumed locally: Host René Koelliker first takes the visitors through the old town of Biel, then to the market and finally to his house where they all cook and dine together – with a view of the Alps and Lake Biel. A vegetarian or vegan pleasure. Find out more here. 


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3. In the fondue cart of Gruyères

The fondue cart is pulled by two strong Gruyères horses. Visitors ride the cart for two hours through the beautiful landscape surrounding the Gruyères castle. The “moitié-moitié” fondue mix comes from the region. The pleasant ride in the old-time fondue cart goes through the villages of Grandvillard and Estavannens. Find out more here.


Adventure Experiences

From palm-lined lakeshores to sparkling glaciers, from medieval villages to buzzing cities there's so much to see in Switzerland with the concentration of attractions unrivalled worldwide.

A few of our favorite adventure experience in Switzerland: 

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1. Tobogganing at Rotenflue-Schlittelweg 

Racy sledging fun at the foot of the Grosser Mythen: the run leads from the top station of the Rotenflue cable car to the middle station Rätigs. A steep section in the beginning and a curvy one through the forest make the run interesting. And there’s always enough time to marvel at the pre-alpine panorama. Find out more here. 


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2. Climb Switzerland's Oldest via Ferrata

The historical Pinut via ferrata, not far from Flims, is a fascinating way of discovering nature – open to children from 12 years of age. With Fidaz as a starting point, it leads climbers across the Pinut to the Flimserstein. Thanks to the experienced mountain guide, participants can fully concentrate on the experience. Find out more here. 

Art & Culture

With its wealth of top exhibitions and events, Switzerland is a veritable paradise for all lovers of contemporary art and culture

A few of our favorite art & culture experience in Switzerland: 

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1. Kunsthalle Zürich

The Kunsthalle Zurich is one of the most influential museums for contemporary art with an international appeal. Whether in solo exhibitions, reflective work overviews or thematic group exhibitions, artistic territory is continuously being explored. Find out more here. 


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2.  Textile trail St. Gallen

Eastern Switzerland is internationally recognised for its textile tradition and for its outstanding expertise in this industry. A trail through the city of St. Gallen will teach you lots of interesting facts about Eastern Switzerland's textile industry. Find out more here. 


Discover more about Switzerland and start planning your next holiday HERE. 

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