Discover Gami Chicken and Beer's Irresistible Korean fried chicken

Satisfy you food cravings with the best fried chicken
Published 03 August

Nothing quite satisfies comfort food cravings like crunchy fried Korean chicken. Gami Chicken & Beer is a must visit if your comfort food cravings hit. Located on Bunda street and open for lunch and dinner daily, the team cooks up irresistible fried chicken delivering the savoury flavour of Korean spiciness, sweetness and sourness. This is the perfect spot for long overdue catch-ups with friends.  


A few of our favourite dishes on their menu atm:

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Corndue Chicken

Fans of a classic fondue and cheese lovers will adore this scrumptious dish! The Corndue Chicken features an Instagrammably perfect melted fondue of sweet corn and melted mozzarella cheese, haloed with delicious fried chicken. 

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Potato Heaven

This fan-favourite dish is equally crispy as it is creamy, so heavenly! Featuring 3 layers of creamy mashed potato, mozzarella cheese, and wedges, topped with sweet chili sauce, tomato sauce and sour cream. 

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Gami Katzu Burger

This decadent mouth watering burger features an irresistibly crunchy crumbed chicken cutlet, smothered in katsu and cheese sauce, with a zingy apple coleslaw. 


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Gami Chicken Boneless Chicken Platter

The perfect platter to share with friends or loved ones does exist. The boneless chicken platter offers a choice of 1 or 2 of your favourite chicken coatings, from the classic crunchy original fried, sweet chilli, incredible soy garlic, or spicy coating. Served with a refreshing coleslaw and a pickled radish, you’ll be a firm favourite with this order! 

Gami Chicken & Beer is open for lunch and dinner daily. Follow the directions in centre to visit the store located on Bunda street next to Betty’s Burgers. Find out more HERE.
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