Discover shopindee

Discover shopindee

Learn more about your online shopping destination for independent brands.
Published 26 April

About Shopindee

Shopindee is an online shopping destination bringing together a curated selection of independent brands and retailers from all around Australia. With a mission to help these brands thrive in the new era of retail, they support people to build, grow and run businesses.

Shopindee was born out of the desire to uplift local brands and help every consumer do good and feel good about their shopping.

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Why is shopping local important?

There’s often chatter about the importance of supporting local businesses and sustainable shopping, but what does this really mean and why should we care about it? There are a whole host of benefits to shopping locally, some of which relate to environmental sustainability, but many of which affect you and your loved ones more than you may think. These include:

1. Reducing environmental impact with less need for transportation and wastage as a result of mass production.
2. Supporting and enjoying more unique, creative and one-of-a-kind items.
3. More local jobs are created and maintained.
4. Stimulates the local economy by injecting money into different communities.

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Creating a curated and consistent customer experience

Part of their ethos is the mentality that while driving a positive impact on local communities is a priority, they do not believe that should come at the expense of customer experience. The Shopindee Australian online marketplace offers a curation of handpicked brands that are creative and one-of-a-kind. The idea is to provide an easy and seamless way for customers to shop online. Explore Shopindee HERE. 

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