Decadent Godiva Menu Items Every Chocoholic Must Try

Decadent Godiva Menu Items Every Chocoholic Must Try

The delicious Godiva menu items we’re dreaming about
Published 07 June

Chocoholics rejoice - Godiva has officially landed in the Capital!

Their new store is filled with all the decadent Belgian chocolate you know and love from them, as well as unique hot chocolates, soft serve ice cream, chocolate dipped pretzels and so much more. We’ve rounded up our favourite decadent chocolate treats on the menu, to help you plan your next visit. 

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Mixed Chocolate Soft Serve Ice Cream

Godiva’s world-famous soft serve needs to be top of your list!  Our favourite combines the perfect swirl of vanilla and milk chocolate creamy soft-serve icecream, with a delicious chocolate coated waffle cone, topped with melted chocolate drizzle, just incredible! 

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Marshmallow Hot Chocolate 

The perfect indulgent hot chocolate. If you’re a fan of a warming hot chocolate, you’ll adore Godiva’s Marshmallow hot chocolate, with it’s generous serving of pillowy marshmallows piled on top of a decadent chocolatey elixir. 

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Australian Macadamia Pearls

You’ll want to savour the luxurious taste of Godiva’s Australian Macadamia Pearls. Smooth, rich Godiva milk chocolate meets crunchy, buttery macadamia nut in a perfect union of flavour and texture.

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Pretzel With Diced Almonds and Milk Chocolate

Baked to perfection, garnished with hand-diced almonds, and lavishly coated in their signature Godiva chocolate.

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Godiva Cookies

Indulge in the signature delightful Godiva Cookies. Each individually wrapped chocolate cookie is crafted to crispy perfection, infused with rich, creamy flavour, and ready to be shared with friends and family.

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Milk Chocolate Elixir 

You can’t go wrong with something this delicious. A decadent milk chocolate topped with whipped cream and Godiva milk chocolate drizzle. 

You’ll find Godiva located in centre on the Ground Level, next to Sushi Sushi, MAP