Spring Summer Fashion; Capsule Wardrobe

Curate a Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Key pieces to create your prefect capsule wardrobe this season.
Published 04 September

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, it's time to transition your wardrobe from the cozy Canberra winter layers, to the light and breezy styles of spring/summer. Say goodbye to heavy coats and hello to vibrant colours, breathable fabrics, and a carefully curated capsule wardrobe that makes getting dressed a breeze. We’re helping you find the key pieces and create a spring-summer capsule wardrobe that suits your unique style.

What is a Capsule Wardrobe?

A capsule wardrobe is a thoughtfully selected collection of essential clothing items that can be mixed and matched to create a wide range of outfits. The idea behind a capsule wardrobe is to streamline your closet, reduce clutter, and make it easier to put together stylish outfits without the need for an overwhelming number of clothes.


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How to Create Your Spring-Summer Capsule Wardrobe:

  1. Assess Your Style: Before you begin, take a moment to reflect on your personal style. Do you prefer classic, bohemian, minimalist, or eclectic fashion? Understanding your style will help you choose pieces that align with your taste.
  2. Select a Colour Palette: Choose a cohesive colour palette that works for both spring and summer. Pastels, earthy tones, and vibrant hues are popular choices. Ensure that your selected colours complement each other, making it easier to mix and match.
  3. Determine Your Essentials: Identify the core pieces you'll need for the season. These typically include items like t-shirts, blouses, shorts, skirts, and dresses.  
  4. Quality Over Quantity: Invest in high-quality pieces that fit well and are comfortable. Look for natural fabrics like cotton, linen, and silk, which are breathable and perfect for the warmer weather.
  5. Mix and Match: Choose items that can be combined in various ways to create different outfits. A versatile sundress can be dressed up or down with the right accessories, making it a valuable addition to your capsule.
  6. Consider Occasions: Think about the various occasions you'll encounter during the season, such as work, casual outings, and special events. Make sure your capsule includes appropriate attire for these occasions.
  7. Accessorize: Don't forget about accessories like sunglasses, hats, belts, and scarves. These can add flair and versatility to your outfits.


Spring Summer Capsule Wardrobe Inspiration

Still not sure where to start with curating your ideal spring-summer capsule wardrobe? Here are a few of the quintessential pieces that will offer you a versatile and classic curated collection:

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White Long Sleeve Button Down 

  1. The Cotton Poplin Shirt, Commonry, RRP. $139.95
  2. Voluminous Cotton Blouse, COS, RRP. $175
  3. Core Linen Boyfriend Shirt, Seed Heritage RRP. $129.95


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Summer Dress 

  1. Forever New Rita Square Neck Bodycon Midi Dress, Myer, RRP. $149.99
  2. Silk Blend Rib Knit Dress, H&M, $149
  3. Aje Isabel Utility Midi Dress, David Jones, RRP. $525


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Classic T-shirts & Singlet Tops

  1. The Square Neck Tank, Commonry, RRP. $69.95
  2. Regular Fit T-Shirt, COS, RRP. $35’
  3. V-Neck Linen Jersey Tee, H&M, RRP. $29.99


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Versatile Denim

  1. Shay Denim Dress, Levis, RRP. $179.95
  2. Denim TRF Cargo Skirt, Zara, RRP. $65.95

  3. Short Sleeve denim shirt, and Maxi Denim Skirt, Country Road, RRP. $159 & $159


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Summer Set

  1. Textured Vest + Textured Pleat Pants, Country Road RRP. $249 + $299
  2. Long Sleeve Linen Blend Shirt and shorts, Glassons, RRP. $39.99 + $29.99
  3. Satin Midi Skirt + Short Sleeve Skirt, Seed Heritage, RRP. $129.95 + $129.95


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Linen Shirt

  1. Bradfield Linen Shirt, M.J.Bale, RRP. $149.95
  2. Premium Linen Shirt, Tommy Hilfiger, RRP. $149
  3. Regular Fit Organically Grown Linen Shirt, Country Road, RRP. $149


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Tailored Shorts 

  1. 22.9cm Tailored Fit Performance Short, Polo Ralph Lauren, RRP. $149
  2. Nicholson Short, RM.Williams, RRP. $129
  3. Coromandel 2 Sports Fit Shorts, Rodd & Gunn, RRP. $179


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Classic Crew T-Shirts 

  1. Basic Slim Fit T-Shirt, Zara, RRP. $23.95
  2. Daniel Crew Neck Tee, Saba, RRP. $69
  3. Supersoft Tee, Sportscraft, RRP. $59.99

By carefully curating a collection of versatile, high-quality pieces that align with your personal style, you'll not only simplify your daily routine but also contribute to a more sustainable and organized lifestyle. Embrace the simplicity and freedom that a capsule wardrobe offers, and enjoy a season filled with stylish and stress-free outfits.

Once you’ve organised your capsule wardrobe essential pieces, you can look at adding a trending pop of colour to your looks. For colour inspiration see HERE