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Bridgerton-Inspired Edit: Reignite Your Wardrobe And Infuse Your Abode With Regency Charm

Discover the perfect Regency inspired pieces in centre.
Published 14 May

Dearest readers, in a world where fashion meets fantasy, where opulence reigns supreme, and where romance dances in every stitch of fabric, Bridgerton has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. With its sumptuous costumes, intricate hairstyles, and lavish settings, the Season 3 premier this month for the Netflix series has sparked a resurgence of interest in Regency-era style, inspiring fashion enthusiasts to infuse their wardrobes with a touch of aristocratic glamour, and their abode with opulent touches.


Image Credit: Netflix

Embrace the Elegance 

The allure of Bridgerton lies not only in its captivating storyline but also in its visual feast of Regency fashion. From the exquisite gowns of the debutante balls to the impeccably tailored suits of the dashing gentlemen, every detail is meticulously crafted to evoke the splendor of 19th-century England. To channel the elegance of Bridgerton in your own wardrobe, look for pieces that feature delicate lace, romantic florals, and intricate embroidery. Think empire waist dresses, ruffled blouses, and embellished waistcoats that exude timeless charm and sophistication. Bridgerton1

Products Featured: David Jones, AJE Minette Chiffon Maxi Dress, RRP $575; H&M, A-Line Lace Dress, RRP $129; David Jones, AJE Iris Pleated Bib Midi Dress RRP $595; Oroton, Lace Flower Midi Dress RRP $799


Products Featured: H&M Wool Blend Coat RRP $99.99; M.J. Bale, Sansone DB Waistcoat, RRP$199.95; M.J. Bale, Claudio Peacoat, RRP $699.


Make a Statement with Accessories

No Bridgerton-inspired ensemble is complete without the perfect accessories to elevate your look from ordinary to extraordinary. Take cues from the characters of the show and adorn yourself with the perfect pair of pearl earrings, and ornate hair combs for a touch of regal flair. A delicate fan or touch of feathers can add an air of whimsy to your ensemble, while a pair of gloves or a silk scarf will lend a dash of refinement to any outfit. Don't be afraid to embrace bold hues and luxurious textures to create a look that is both romantic and modern.



Products Featured: Country Road, Claudia Quilted Ballet Flats, RRP $149; Mimco, Wild Flower Ring, RRP $99.95; David Jones, Olga Berg Penny Feathered Bag, RRP $129.95; Veronika Maine, Pearl Drop Earrings, RRP $129; David Jones, Milana Horsebit Trim Glove RRP $129.95; Seed Hand Fan RRP $14.95; Blue Illusion, Catriona Hydrangeas Wool Scarf; 

Experiment with Hairstyles

One of the most distinctive features of Bridgerton's aesthetic is its elaborate hairstyles, which range from cascading curls to intricate updos adorned with ribbons and jewels. While recreating these looks may require a bit of skill and patience, there are plenty of tutorials and inspiration available online to help you achieve the perfect Regency hairstyle. Whether you opt for soft waves, braided updos, or classic chignons, adding a touch of vintage glamour to your hair will instantly transport you to the romantic world of Bridgerton.





Products Featured: David Jones, Gregory Ladner Clip, RRP $29.95; Big W, &me Beaded Hair Clips, RRP $9; Sephora, EVO Liquid Rollers Curl Balm, RRP $40; Priceline Pharmacy, Cake the Curl Whip Mousse, RRP $21.99; David Jones, Dyson Airwrap Pink & Rose Gold, RRP $849; Mecca, IGK Class or 93 Whipped cream, RRP $49; Seed Heritage, Roseta Clip, RRP $7.95; Lovisa, Gold Pearl Flower Hair Comb, RRP $34.99; Lovisa, Black Fabric Oversized Ribbon Bow, RRP $15.99

Dress for the Occasion

Whether you're attending a lavish ball or simply strolling through the park, dressing for the occasion is essential when channeling the spirit of Bridgerton. Opt for romantic silhouettes and luxurious fabrics that evoke the elegance of the Regency era, such as silk, satin, and chiffon. For daytime outings, a flowing empire waist dress paired with delicate ballet flats or embellished sandals will exude effortless charm, while an embellished gown and heels are perfect for evening affairs. Don't forget to add a finishing touch with a statement necklace or a pair of dangling earrings to complete your look.


Image Credit: Netflix

Infuse Your Space with Regency Elegance

Step into the enchanting world of Bridgerton and let its opulent aesthetic inspire a transformation of your living space. With its grand ballrooms, stately homes, and lavish interiors, the Netflix series offers a visual feast of Regency-era glamour that can be effortlessly translated into your own home. From sumptuous fabrics to ornate furnishings, here's how to create a Bridgerton-inspired home edit that will transport you to a world of romance and refinement.

Regal Color Palette

The first step in bringing the essence of Bridgerton into your home is to embrace a regal color palette reminiscent of the era. Think soft pastels, rich jewel tones, and muted neutrals that evoke a sense of elegance and sophistication. Shades of powder blue, blush pink, emerald green, and gold can be incorporated into your decor through paint, upholstery, and accessories to create a space that feels both timeless and luxurious.


Image Credit: Netflix

Opulent Accessories

No Bridgerton-inspired home edit would be complete without a selection of opulent accessories to add the finishing touches to your decor. Adorn your walls with gilt-framed mirrors, ornate sconces, and vintage botanical prints to create a sense of drama and intrigue. Display crystal decanters, silver trays, and porcelain tea sets on your mantel or sideboard to evoke the refined sensibilities of high society.


Products Featured: Big W, Openook Large Gold Trinket Bowl, RRP $15; David Jones, Royal Doulton Wine Decanter, RRP $499; David Jones Cristina Re Cake Stand, RRP $99.95; La Belle Miette, Blanc & Rose Muslin Teabags, RRP $42; Coco Republic, Lyla Floor Mirror, RRP $4,495; Coco Republic, Glass Rod Wall Sconce, RRP $995; Gewurzhaus, Teaspoon Scalloped Edge, RRP $19.95; The Tea Cenre, Tippy Tea Strainer, RRP $20.90; Myer, Wedgwood Vera Wang Lace 10 Piece Set, RRP $699; 

Floral Flourishes

Flowers played a significant role in the social rituals of the Regency era, adorning everything from ballrooms to boudoirs with their delicate beauty and intoxicating fragrance. Incorporate fresh flowers and floral arrangements into your home decor to capture the romantic spirit of Bridgerton. Opt for blooms such as roses, peonies, and hydrangeas in vintage-inspired vases and urns to add a touch of natural elegance to your space.


Products Featured: David Jones, Fazeek Wave Coupe Set, RRP $119; Myer, Elme Living, Hydrangea 27cm Blue, RRP $99.99; Le Creuset Cast Iron Petal Shallow Casserole, RRP $590; The Pharmacy On Petrie, David Jones, Wedgwood Butterfly Bloom Teacup and Saucer, RRP $159; Glasshouse Fragrances Enchanted Garden Candle, RRP $59.95; Myer, Tea Party Napkin Set, RRP $49.95

Whimsical Details

Finally, don't forget to infuse your home with whimsical details that capture the playful spirit of Bridgerton. Hang a collection of vintage fans on your wall, display a stack of leather-bound books on your coffee table, or drape a string of pearls over the edge of a vase for an unexpected touch of glamour. Embrace the art of storytelling by incorporating decorative elements that reflect the themes of love, intrigue, and adventure found within the series.




Products Featured: Myer Oriel Lighting Lace Floral Metal Table Lamp, RRP $102; Dymocks, The Official Bridgerton Guide To Entertaining, RRP $49.99; David Jones, Chloe Faux Fur Throw, RRP $189.95; T2, Ombre Opulence Tea for one pink, RRP $80; Dusk, Ruby White Lantern Large, RRP $49.99; Dusk, Rosetti Agate White Plate, RRP $18.99; Coco Republic, Stonyhurst Side Table, RRP $3,695;

In conclusion, creating a Bridgerton-inspired edit, it is all about capturing the romance, elegance, and opulence of the Regency era and infusing your space and wardrobe with its timeless charm. So, unleash your inner aristocrat, indulge your senses, and prepare to be swept away by the enchanting world of Bridgerton within the comfort of your own home.

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