Best Canberra Beauty Salons

Best Canberra Beauty Salons

There are so many different ways you can enjoy a salon day. You could get your nails done, your eyebrows shaped, your skin revitalised, or your muscles loosened, but the big question is whether to book in one treatment or book them all! There are so many excellent salons and beauty destinations in centre you can visit to get a beauty treatment to help you relax and feel amazing both inside and out. To help you choose the right salon for you, we’ve compiled a list of the very best Canberra beauty salons currently offering bespoke beauty treatments for you to indulge in. Whenever you feel like you need a bit of rest and relaxation it doesn’t matter what kind of treatment you’re looking for, you’ll be able to find your perfect beauty base right here at Canberra Centre. 

Relaxing hand massages at ATNL Nails, Spa & Beauty

If you want to refresh your nails quickly and easily, head straight to ATNL Nails, Spa & Beauty. Not only will you be able to get a gorgeous new nail colour and a solid nail treatment to keep your cuticles feeling fresh and healthy, you’ll also be treated to a relaxing hand massage! If you work with your hands a lot, love to put pen to paper, or just have a thing for long luscious nails, then you’ll need to visit one of the best rated nail salons in the city, ATNL Nails, Spa & Beauty. 

Amazing nail art at Civic Nails

Anyone who loves a bit more of a bold nail should book an appointment with Civic Nails. If you’ve been searching for a Canberra nail salon that’s capable of creating really intricate nail art, then Civic Nails should be first on your list of go-to beauty spots. Located along City Walk near the Myer entry, Civic Nails is one of the most popular nail salons in Canberra and when you go in for your first appointment, you’ll see why this salon has such a good reputation among the locals. 

Expert nail care at New York Spa and Nails

New York Spa and Nails are known for their highly-qualified salon team, who are skilled at transforming nails. Using high quality products and an expansive range of Shellac colours, New York Spa and Nails ensure their customers always leave feeling pampered and with a stunning hue on their nails. The greatest part about New York Spa and Nails though? They don’t just do nails! They can also neaten your brows and extend your eyelashes. So, why not make the most of your visit to this wonderful salon and book in for two services instead of just one? 

Expert laser hair removal at Eden Laser Clinic

When it comes to hair removal, not everyone is a fan of waxing. So, if you’re looking to remove some unwanted hair, but don’t want to deal with any hot wax, why not head to Eden Laser Clinic for some laser hair removal? Laser hair removal is a really simple process. The whole process only takes a few minutes depending on what part of the body you’re getting lasered. Laser hair removal is one of the safest ways to remove any excess hair and it also results in less skin irritation — so why not book in to see an expert today.

Incredible injectable packages at Laser Clinics Australia 

Another beauty salon offering quick and easy laser hair removal is Laser Clinics Australia. Of course, that’s not all they do. Laser Clinics Australia also offer a wide variety of beauty treatments including (but not at all limited to), microdermabrasion, LED Light Therapy, skin tightening, and pigmentation removal. You can also visit Laser Clinics Australia for one of their injectable packages to help with wrinkle reduction, wrinkle prevention and dermal fillers. Located right next door to Civic Nails, why not visit Laser Clinics Australia for a quick treatment after you’ve had your nails freshened up?

Elegant eyebrow threading at iBrow Threads

iBrow Threads is Canberra’s best nail threading salon. Following success in Adelaide, iBrow Threads expanded to the capital to make sure every local has access to their team's expertly crafted eyebrow threading process. All staff are trained to provide the best customer care and listen carefully to your brow needs to ensure your brows are threaded to both enhance and complement your unique face shape. You can book an appointment with iBrow Threads online or pop into their Canberra Centre kiosk to meet the team and find out how they can elevate your beautiful brows. 

Sensational spa packages at Endota Spa

Have you been feeling stressed out recently and like you need an hour or so to relax and unwind? Then you need to book an appointment at Endota Spa! It doesn’t matter what kind of beauty treatment you’re looking for, Endota Spa has an extensive list of spa packages for you to choose from, where you’re able to fully customise your beauty experience. Need a relaxing massage? Why not book a spa package that also includes a facial? Nails need some attention? Ask to get them done after you enjoy a full body exfoliating treatment! Using their own range of natural beauty products, Endota Spa is one of the best Canberra beauty salons to fully unwind in. So, get ready to let your worries melt away.

Radiant skin treatments at Rationale

If you haven’t heard of Rationale yet, where have you been?! Since 1992, Rationale has been providing their customers with luminous skin with a luxurious suite of skin care formulations that both enlighten and fully transform your skin. Founder Richard Parker has dedicated his career to creating powerful skincare that produces incredible results using Australian botanicals and leading skincare science. If you’re looking for an in-depth facial tailored to your specific skin type, we recommend heading into Rationale for a skin consultation and discovering which incredible facial treatment will help to boost your skin’s vitality and make sure it always glows. 

Seriously good beauty treatments at Sephora

If you’re asking yourself why Sephora is featured on a list of the best Canberra beauty salons, then let us explain. Not only can you get some of the most popular makeup and skincare products at Sephora, but you can also head in-store for expert skin, makeup, and hair services. When you head in to Sephora at Canberra Centre, you can treat yourself to a skin consultation to help you find the best skincare products for your skin type, a makeup service to help you go from glowy to glam, or a brow shaping at the in-store Benefit Brow Bar. Sephora really takes care of every aspect of your beauty routine, so why not head in to try some of their boutique beauty treatments yourself?

Expert relaxation at Spa Massage

If you’re looking for a relaxing massage you should visit Spa Massage. Enjoy a relaxing remedial deep tissue massage, the tranquil scents of essential oil and other speciality services like foot reflexology! The best part? Health fund rebate is available. So, book in a specialised massage service & let the experts ease away any built up muscle tension. If you’re looking to take your self-care to the next level, visit the team at Spa Massage. 


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Skin treatments at David Jones

Once you’ve stocked up on your favourite fashion brands and make-up essentials, why not visit David Jones’ skin treatment rooms? Taking care of your skin should be easy and it doesn’t get any easier than simply heading into David Jones and booking a facial with an expert that knows the most effective skincare brands inside and out. Whether you’re looking for a Dermalogica Pro Power Peel, or an Ella Bache Turn Back Time treatment, the experts at David Jones will help your skin glow. 

There are so many great things about living in Canberra, great food, fantastic wine and a booming arts and culture scene, but any local will also tell you that Canberra beauty salons are some of the best in the country. Whether you’re on the hunt for a new laser hair removal specialist, a go-to eyebrow threading salon, a new spa package to try, or a central place to get all of your beauty treatments done, look no further than the amazing salons here at Canberra Centre! No matter what kind of beauty treatment you need, you’ll find the perfect place to get it done right here in the heart of Canberra’s CBD. Just make sure to book in advance because you don’t want to have to wait to experience the wonderful treatments each salon has to offer. So head to our directory to find your next go-to beauty spot!
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