Autumn / Winter 24

Individuals dressed on trend for autumn / winter 24, adding a pop of unexpected with each look.
A Pop of Unexpected
Add a pop of unexpected this Autumn by integrating unexpected twists into your style. Cast aside typical seasonal hues and introduce buttery yellow, a bright summer shade, into the Autumn mix. It's a refreshing choice that stands out against the season's earthy tones.

Revamp classic silhouettes with new textures; think denim trenches adding an edge to outerwear. Refresh mature styles with youthful vibes by incorporating preppy jumpers, marrying nostalgia with sophistication.

This season is not just about variety—it's about redefining fashion norms. Bring 'special occasion' items into daily wear by mixing laid-back and luxe elements, like sweatpants paired with heels, or sneakers with elegant slip dresses. Elevate basics with unexpected accessories for a subtle yet impactful transformation.

Your Autumn wardrobe is a canvas for creativity and contrast, where small surprises make big statements. Find that pop of unexpected at Canberra Centre this season and turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with just the right twist.
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