1 Sep
1 Oct


Celebrate Betty's limited edition thick shake flavours and grab 2 for $10!

There’s nothing better than enjoying a thick shake with your bestie, so Betty’s is offering 2 FOR $10 throughout the whole month of September!

This year, Betty’s is featuring TWO limited edition flavours; the popular Cookie Butter Thick Shake is back and is joined by a brand-new version of the fan-favourite with a coffee twist – the Cookie Butter Latte Thick Shake! The Cookie Butter Latte is perfect for those looking to indulge in something a little more luxe (or for an extra kick!). 

Made from their exclusive custard ice cream, Betty’s thick shakes are super thick and rich in flavour and texture. Along with their limited-edition Cookie Butter and Cookie Butter Latte flavours, guests can also indulge and choose from their existing classic thick shake flavours – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, caramel, peanut butter and choc peanut butter. 

The best news? You can grab ANY of these delicious flavours including their limited-edition flavours as part of their 2 for $10 offer! 

So, grab your besties and head to Betty’s this month to get your thick shake as a tasty treat!