29 Sep
29 Oct
Dendy Cult Classics
Love cinema? If yes, then Dendy is the place to be to relive the greatest movie moments!
Dendy Cinemas
Every month we will be screening the most famous and loved cult classics to celebrate their anniversary.

We are celebrating the most famous and loved cult classics! 

Grab your Multipass! To kick off our cult classics program Luc Besson’s visually inventive and gleefully over the top pop sci-fi THE FIFTH ELEMENT catches a flying cab to theatres. In October, we’re going Swayze crazy, with the iconic romantic dance drama DIRTY DANCING. In November, Paul Verhoeven’s sharply satirical and gloriously camp science-fiction war film STARSHIP TROOPERS will splatter you with bug blood, and the ultra-violence continues to year end, with Quentin Tarantino’s breakout feature RESERVOIR DOGS, and Stanley Kubrick’s dystopian crime masterpiece A CLOCKWORK ORANGE.