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26 Nov
17 Dec
Sensory Friendly Screenings - Nov & Dec
Mia and me: The Hero of Centopia - November 26th Little Eggs: An African Rescue - December 17th
Dendy Cinemas

Mia and Me: The Hero of Centopia (PG) ANIMATION

Mia discovers her magic stone is part of an ancient prophecy and embarks on a thrilling journey to the farthest islands of Centopia.

Little Eggs: An African Rescue (PG) COMEDY

Toto and his friends must rescue his egg children after they're taken away for a gourmet food event in Africa.

All tickets $10

Sensory screenings are tailored to meet the needs of families living with autism and other sensory needs. The program consists of family-friendly content and family classics.

Sensory Friendly screenings provide a safe and accepting cinema environment, including dimmed lights (not total darkness) and reduced sound levels.

Sensory screenings are proudly supported by the Marymead Autism Centre