The Tea Centre: Tin Top Up Tuesdays
Sip sustainably & save with The Tea Centre's 20% off tea tin refills on Tuesdays!
Published 23 March
The Tea Centre

The Tea Centre wants our Leaf Lovers to sip sustainably now in order to secure tea-drinking culture for the generations to come! That is why we're offering all guests who visit our physical stores 20% off tea tin refills every Tuesday.

The best bit? We don't care if you bring in one of our tea tins, a competitor's tea tin, a lunchbox, or a 'I don't own a tin but I want the special' Tupperware container. Given sustainability is at the heart of this special, The Tea Centre is leaving that interpretation up to you. If it has a lid, it counts!

If you do want a beautiful Tea Centre-branded tin, there are plenty in our store (both empty and filled) for you to purchase at your pleasure.


Moreover, our friendly staff will top up your tin with as much loose leaf tea as you would like; so long as your Tuesday top-up exceeds 50-grams, you can redeem the 20% off offer! You may also top up multiple tins at a time, but only with one individual tea per tin brought in.

'What teas am I allowed to top up my tin with,' you ask? Excluding our tea bags, customers can pick any one of the 150+ loose leaf teas featured in our store's iconic tea wall to top up their tins with!

Just be sure that the tea you pick is the one you truly want; for health and hygiene reasons, The Tea Centre does not accept returns of loose leaf tea once it touches a tin that you brought in. Luckily, The Tea Centre offers both weekly tea tastings AND $3 takeaway tea (or FREE for customers first signing up to become a Leaf Lover member) to help you make the perfect tea choice for your palate.

Ready to sip and save in style? Then bring in a tin and top it up with Tea Centre tea this Tuesday!

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