Sephora No-Makeup Look Tips

Here’s How to Nail The ‘Clean’ Makeup Look
Published 11 August

There are two types of makeup looks all over the ‘gram now. The kind that involves neon feline flicks, and the kind that requires literally the bare minimum. Think radiantly juicy skin, freckled rosy cheeks, natural feathery brows—and you’ve got the ‘clean girl’ aesthetic. Call it a mere rebranding of the no-makeup makeup look, but the community has definitely caught major feels for this chic take on flaunting pared-back, natural beauty. Get all the deets on how to perfect the ‘clean’ makeup look below. 

Dew it yourself

Skin first, period. There’s no way to nail the ‘clean’ look without that drool-worthy, dewy glow—here’s how to DIY. We recommend using tinted moisturisers (after SPF, duh), glow-boosting sunscreens or staples like moisturisers and hydrating serums before piling on the rest of the makeup. This will drape your skin in a suppleness that pays its dews. 

Cover all bases

And do it as low-key as possible. While we’re trying to minimise the look of dark circles, redness or blemishes, the last thing we want is a spotless complexion. Let the imperfections on your skin peek through with light coverage using a liquid foundation or a dab of concealer. 

Cue the flush

The cheat code to looking real peachy? Blush is your buddy. Sweep it across the bridge of your nose and cheeks for that luminous, healthy-looking glow. We love reaching for cream or liquid formulations that blend into the skin with a fresh, dewy finish (and double up as lip tints on lazy days). 

Fake the fluff

One final element to pull it all together—full, bushy brows. And if you have approximately three hairs on your brows, it’s okay to fake it till you make it. Reach for a long-lasting brow gel or mascara to brush up the hairs, define your arches and keep them slicked back for the rest of the day. Then, use a sharp brow pen to fill in the gaps with quick flicks that resemble natural hairs. Hello, off-duty model vibes. 

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