15 Lunch Ideas $15 and under at Canberra Centre

Take a break from meal prep and enjoy a delicious takeaway lunch.
Published 28 March

Treat yourself to a delicious and convenient takeaway dish from one of our food retailers. With over 40 restaurants and takeaway options to choose from you’re spoilt for choice. We’ve rounded up 15 tasty lunch ideas for $15 or under available at Canberra Centre.


1. Sliced Rare Beef Pho Bowl

The popular Vietnamese Pho soup consistent of a comforting blend of broth, pho noodles, sliced rare beef, sping onion, pickled red onion, beanshoots and coriander. 

CC.Lunches (13)


Cost: $12.90*

Available at: Roll’d, Lower Ground Food Court MAP & Ground Level MAP


2. Buffalo Chicken Schnitzel Salad

Enjoy a healthy bowl of Chicken Schnitzel with a zesty purple cabbage slaw, shredded carrot & Kale, and topped with aioli and new Soul Origin hot sauce.
CC.Lunches (2)

Cost: regular $11.90*
Available at: Soul Origin, Ground Level MAP

3. Vegan El Bro-rado Tacos  

This vegan and gluten friendly dish is perfect if you’re after a dietary friendly Mexican option. Featuring vegan gluten free tortillas, shitake mushrooms, onion salsa, guacamole and creamy slaw. 

CC.Lunches (11)
Cost: $15*
Available at: Acai Brothers, Ground Level MAP


4. Sushi Deluxe Pack

Can’t make up your mind on what sushi to choose, featuring a delicious selection of mixed sushi, the Sushi Deluxe Pack is perfect for you. It includes salmon nigiri, inari, alongside seafood, cooked tuna and California rolls. 

CC.Lunches (5)
Cost: $14.90*
Available at: Sushi Sushi, Level One MAPand Ground Level MAP
5. Express Meal – Choice of 1x curry & rice

If you’re looking for a warming lunch dish, curry and rice will be sure to satisfy. Take your pick of curry with rice, our pick the irritable classic creamy butter chicken.  
Cost: $11.50*
Available at: Touch of India, Lower Ground Food Court MAP


6. Naked Burrito

Featuring all the best of the burrito but hold the tortilla & add a delicious serving off brown rice. This dish also features all your Mexican favourites, such as beans, fresh pico de gallo, cheese, crisp shredded lettuce, sour cream & choice of grilled meats or veggie rancheros. 

CC.Lunch. (1)
Cost: Regular 12.90*
Available at: Mad Mex, Lower Ground Food Court MAP

7. Pork Wontons in Tangy Chilli Sauce

If you’re craving some delicious dumplings, head directly to Dumplings & Co to try this dish! With a generous serving of 8 handmade dumplings, coated in an irresistible tangy, chilli sauce. 

CC.Lunches (31)
Cost: $11.80*
Available at: Dumplings & Co, Lower Ground Food Court MAP

8. Betty’s Classic Burger

Featuring delicious Angus beef, lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese and Betty’s special sauce, this burger is a classic favourite for a reason. 

CC.Lunches (15)
Cost: $11.50*
Available at: Betty’s Burgers Concrete & Co, Bunda Street, MAP

9. Japanese Curry with Rice

Crafted with Hanaichi’s signature sauce, choose from crumbed chicken, pork, tofu or our favourite crispy Karaage chicken, and served with a fluffy side of rice, this will be your new favourite lunch option. 

CC.Lunches (21)
Cost: $10.20*
Available at: Hanaichi, Lower Ground Food Court MAP

10. Fresh Salmon Nigiri Box

Made fresh daily with beautiful salmon, you can’t go past the classic fresh salmon nigiri box for a deliciously healthy lunch. 

CC.Lunches (3)

Cost: $14

Available at: Sushi Musa, Lower Ground Foodcourt MAP


11. Lamb Kebab

A deliciously warm shaved lamb kebab, customised with you favourite fillings and choice of sauce, an easy portable lunch option.

CC.Lunches (12)

Cost: $10.90*

Available at: Ali Baba Kebabs, Lower Ground Food Court MAP


12. Paella

Enjoy your choice of grilled Peri-Peri chicken or superfood veggie patty, plus tomato, onion and green capsicum tossed over spicy rice. 
CC.Lunches (27)
Cost: $12.50*

Available at: Nandos, Ground Level MAP


13. Double Fillet Oprego Burger

Featuring two fresh-grilled 100% chicken breast fillets, crisp lettuce, fresh tomato, cheese, mayo and Oporto’s deliciously tangy prego sauce, this truly is a satisfying burger. 

CC.Lunches (28)
Cost: $14.95*
Available at: Oporto, Lower Ground Food Court MAP

14. Biang Biang Noodles Topped with Chilli
A warming bowl of hand pulled noddles coated in a delicious chilli flaked sauce. 
CC.Lunches (16)

Cost: $12.50*

Available at: Biang Biang, Bunda Street MAP


15. Chicken Laksa

Enjoy silken noodles topped with a comforting Laksa broth and irresistible chicken.

CC.Lunch. (2)

Cost: $14.90*

Available at: Hokka Hokka, Lower Ground Foodcourt MAP


*Prices are subject to change, check with individual retailers. 

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