Tiger Lane, Blowfish, Luck Duck BBQ, Golden Panda, Inari Express, Sticky Beak

Discover More Exciting Tiger Lane Hawker Inspired Eateries

Five hawker-inspired eateries to enjoy.
Published 01 June

Lucky Duck BBQ

Let your taste buds take flight at Lucky Duck BBQ.

From succulent Chinese roast BBQ platters to mouth-watering wok-fried rice and noodles, this Lucky Duck is bringing a taste of China to your plate served up with a generous side of luck and fortune!

Inspired by the roast meat culture of Hong Kong, Malaysia & Singapore - get your chopsticks ready for a quackin' good time at Lucky Duck BBQ.


Golden Panda

Take a walk on the wild side at Golden Panda.

Inspired by the hawkers and street vendors of Asia, authentic flavours of China are at the heart of Golden Panda. Bellowing steam reveals buns, dumplings, and wok signatures that will have you feeling like the golden emperor of the jungle!


Sticky Beak

Treat your beak to some of the tastiest Korean fried chicken and K-Dogs in town.

Sink your teeth into succulent pieces of crispy, juicy chicken, coated in a mouth-watering blend of Korean spices, or indulge in a sizzling hot dog on a stick, dipped in your choice of batter and deep-fried to perfection. With each bite, you'll experience a flavour explosion that will keep you coming back again & again.



Get ready to blow your mind at Blowfish!

With fresh and flavorful poké bowls, as well as a selection of hand rolls that put a uniquely Australian twist on the traditional Japanese staple, Blowfish is the perfect destination for anyone who loves bold flavours and innovative food.

With its speedy service and lively atmosphere, you'll be transported to the heart of Tokyo - even if you're just grabbing a quick lunch break in the middle of the workday. Look for the giant inflatable Blowfish to find us!


Inari Express

Hold on tight, Canberra. Inari Express is about to take your taste buds on a wild ride! 

This hawker-style offshoot of Tiger Lane's signature restaurant, Inari, is a must-try destination for anyone who loves traditional Japanese cuisine with a twist of the unexpected.

From savoury rice bowls to piping hot ramen and delicious izakaya-style dishes, Inari Express has got it all - and it's all served up with lightning-fast speed and unbeatable flavour.

If you're ready to take your taste buds on a journey through the exciting world of fusion cuisine, head on over to Inari Express and get ready for a culinary adventure you'll never forget!

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