Summer Capsule Wardrobe at Canberra Centre

Summer Capsule Wardrobe at Canberra Centre

Wanting to curate the perfect summer capsule wardrobe but have no idea where to start? It’s no secret that Canberrans have their winter capsule wardrobes down pat. A good pair of pants, a snug long-sleeve top, sturdy boots, and a high-quality puffer jacket are really all you really need for the winter season in Canberra, but what about summer? With days that can go from a comfortable 20 degrees, to a searing 40 degrees in just a matter of minutes, how are you supposed to create the ultimate capsule wardrobe for summer? Well, luckily for you, there are plenty of stores at Canberra Centre that can help! So whip out a pen and take some notes, because you’re going to want to remember these stores for when you decide to head out and do your summer shopping.

Tonal treasures at Oroton

Oroton is the perfect store for anyone who loves a bit of minimalism. With beautiful tonal pieces that really go with anything, you can’t go wrong shopping for minimalist summer wardrobe staples at Oroton. We recommend checking out their selection of long sundresses that come in lovely light linen fabrics, as well as their satin slip dresses for something a bit more luxurious. Their signature colour is a soft tan, however you can find some lovely bold greens amongst their collections as well, if you’d prefer to stand out from the crowd with a brighter colour palette. 

Perfect plaid at Polo Ralph Lauren

Another brand who can nail a tonal look is Polo Ralph Lauren. This designer label caters to those building a minimalist capsule wardrobe by creating amazing pieces with clean lines. However, if you don’t mind a pattern or two, we recommend heading to Ralph Lauren to secure timeless pieces in the label’s iconic plaid pattern. A plaid bodice would be worth adding to your cart as it would work perfectly with a flowy midi skirt or a light pair of trousers. Or, if you like a more classic look, opt for a linen long-sleeve shirt so you can be prepared for any sudden drops in temperature. No matter what style you go for, choosing an item from a timeless label like Polo Ralph Lauren ensures your summer capsule wardrobe is full of classic pieces for years to come.

Trendy threads at Universal Store

We know what you’re thinking. Universal Store is full of on-trend clothing with bold colours and fashion forward designs, so how will they help you build a summer capsule wardrobe? Well, just because you’re building a capsule wardrobe doesn’t mean you’re only wearing black and white. Not only can you mix a colour into your staple wardrobe, but you can also definitely add a pattern or two! One great thing about Universal Store is that it has variety. They have great evening tops for the girls and comfortable tees for the guys that can be paired with absolutely anything. If you’re heading out to dinner, you can pair your favourite evening top with a silky maxi skirt, light trousers, or nylon cargo pants. The possibilities really are endless!

Office essentials from Jacqui E

Jacqui E is one of the best stores to help you build a summer work capsule wardrobe. Why? Because they have a variety of pieces that work for both the office and cocktails out in the city? When it comes to building a capsule wardrobe at Jacqui E, try looking for functional pieces that can help you go from desk to dinner in two seconds flat. A suit set is a great all rounder, especially if it includes a pencil skirt. Not only will this make you look incredible in the office, but you’ll also feel chic when you clock off and head out to dinner with the girls. Extra points if you get your hands on a coloured suit set, because although black is a classic colour, a nice chocolate brown can elevate your wardrobe and still make you feel elegant. 

Casual cool at Ghanda Clothing

When you’re looking for some more casual pieces to add to your summer capsule wardrobe, we recommend heading over to Ghanda Clothing. Born in the coastal town of Torquay, Victoria, Ghanda stocks some incredible pieces that not only make you feel on-trend, but comfortable as well. These are the pieces you’ll want to take on your next road trip to Bateman’s Bay, so you can enjoy a lovely coastal weekend whilst still feeling fabulously fashionable. Ghanda Clothing has some really lovely knit dresses that you can wear again and again. They’re a loose knit, so they won’t turn you into a walking sauna in summer, but are still thick enough to wear out for cocktails when the weather suddenly decides to turn. 


Timeless timepieces at Angus and Coote

Now when you’re putting together your new summer capsule wardrobe, you simply cannot forget to stock up on gorgeous jewellery at Angus and Coote. They say diamonds are a girl's best friend, and if you want to add a bit of sparkle to your capsule wardrobe, we definitely recommend exploring Angus and Coote’s expansive collection of diamond pendants and rings to really make a statement this summer. For those who enjoy a more minimalist capsule wardrobe, we recommend exploring Angus and Coote’s range of timeless watches. A good watch is an accessory that lasts a lifetime (no matter what your techy friends tell you!). Adding a simple gold watch with a delicate band to your summer capsule wardrobe, will ensure you always have the perfect accessory handy, no matter what you’re getting up to during your summer days. 

Wardrobe wonders at Zara

When you want to shop at a store that has a little bit of everything, you head to Zara. Anyone building a minimalist capsule wardrobe will find a wide variety of pieces to purchase at Zara. With so many staples on offer, you’ll probably be able to buy half of your wardrobe right here! They have so many great denim pieces, with on-trend jeans and denim jackets ready for you to wear on some of the chillier summer days that come along. They also have a wide range of blazers that’ll work in and out of the office, as well as a plethora of blouses that’ll really elevate your wardrobe. So, if you’re wanting a one-stop-shop when looking for items to round out your summer capsule wardrobe, we’d recommend heading to Zara. 


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Summer sleepwear at Peter Alexander

Last but not least, don’t forget about summer sleepwear. Peter Alexander has a massive range of light-weight pyjamas and loungewear to make sure you feel not just comfortable, but elegant when you slip into bed on those hot summer nights. We recommend grabbing a satin sleepwear set in a bold colour, like turquoise or magenta, to keep you cool this summer. However, if you already have a go-to sleepwear set you just can’t bear to part with, adding a silk robe to your capsule wardrobe will instantly elevate your sleepwear and also feel amazing when you’re pouring yourself a delicious spritz at home. 
Building your ideal summer capsule wardrobe doesn’t have to be complicated. At Canberra Centre, we have everything from linen shirting to light-weight sundresses, timeless jewellery, and elegant sleepwear, to make sure your capsule wardrobe is full-proof and you always have pieces you can throw on effortlessly throughout the warmer months. No matter what kind of personal style you have, at Canberra Centre, you’ll have no problems creating the perfect summer capsule wardrobe that’s full of timeless pieces you’ll be able to wear every summer season, while still feeling on-trend, cool and comfortable. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Canberra Centre now to start building your ultimate summer wardrobe!
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