Centre Services

Disabled Parking

Canberra Centre's disabled persons parking bays are located within the Centre car parks.

For more information please contact the Car Park Management Office on 0481 092 607. 

Free wheelchair and motorised scooter

To ensure you have a relaxed and comfortable shopping experience, Canberra Centre can provide you with a complimentary wheelchair or motorised scooter.

For availability and bookings, please contact Canberra Centre on (02) 6276 4222 prior to your planned visit. Bookings can be arranged up to two weeks in advance.

A member of security or customer service can meet you in the centre with your equipment so you don't have to walk to the desk. 

Parents Room
Parents' Rooms

Our well-equipped Parents' Rooms provide a clean, comfortable and convenient space for parents and friends shopping at the Centre with children. Featuring a microwave, change tables and a television, the whole family is most welcome.

There's also a separate room for parents who prefer more privacy while feeding.

Nursing Mothers' Association has given our Parents' Rooms a 5-star rating.

Image captured by Tom Ross