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Parents Room
Parents' Rooms

Our well-equipped Parents' Rooms provide a clean, comfortable and convenient space for parents and friends shopping at the Centre with children. Featuring a microwave, change tables and a television, the whole family is most welcome.

There's also a separate room for parents who prefer more privacy while feeding.

Nursing Mothers' Association has given our Parents' Rooms a 5-star rating.

Image captured by Tom Ross

Play Area

Canberra Centre's new Kids Playspace is located on Level 1, next to Aroma Café.

Kids can climb, crawl and traverse through a combination of ramps, levels and surfaces designed to encourage children to run up, around and through the play area.
Centred around an abstract play structure complete with a neon tunnel and slide, the design also features an igloo cubby, interactive lights, button bounce steps, musical pebbles and plenty of seating for the adults.

Now Showing
PG | 89 mins | Animation, Comedy
1.30pm, 4.30pm
PG | 116 mins | Comedy, Drama
11.00am, 12.30pm, 2.10pm
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