Sephora Winter Skincare Routine

Hydrated, dewy and plump skin is the goal year round, so that means it’s time to give our skincare routine an extra boost of TLC. Here are our top tips and skincare saviors for your Winter beauty routine.
Published 10 August
1. Simple Cleanser 

One of the go-to seasonal skincare swaps for added hydration starts with your cleanser. A cream or milk cleanser can be a real game changer when it comes to keeping hydration locked in. If your skin is feeling tight and dry, particularly after cleansing, opting for a cleanser that isn’t highly foaming can save you having to excessively replenish hydration levels later. 

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2. Gentle Chemical Exfoliator 

Using harsh and abrasive physical exfoliants and scrubs can often increase dryness and the appearance of flaky skin. A gentle chemical exfoliant or toner every few days is a safe bet when it comes to sweeping away dead skin cells and keeping the skin looking and feeling fresh. 


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3. Hydrating Serum 

If there’s one must-have skincare product for Winter, it’s a hydrating serum. It can help top up moisture levels to ensure your skin feels smooth and plump. A hydrating serum is particularly important when prepping the skin before makeup. Hyaluronic Acid is the hero ingredient to look out for, known and loved for hydrating the skin, increasing moisture and holding onto it.

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4. Facial Oil

Full support for using facial oil year round, if you aren’t on the facial oil train yet, this is the season to jump on board. It’s the perfect way to add luminosity, antioxidants and hydration into the skin. Facial oils can provide a deeper & longer-lasting hydration than some topical moisturisers.

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5. Weekly Face Mask

Now the basics are done, the best way to maintain skin hydration is a good old weekly booster! Incorporating a sheet or face mask can allow you to keep hydration levels high. If your skin is feeling particularly tight or flaky, we recommend an overnight mask that can work its magic while you get your beauty sleep.

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6. Body Essentials 

The same goes for your body…choosing a hydrating body wash is that extra step to keep scaly dry skin at bay. After a shower while your skin is still slightly damp, apply a body oil or cream with richly nourishing oils to deeply hydrate the skin. 

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7. Hydration Top Up 

Makeup that goes flakey or feels tight during the day? Give your skin a refreshing spritz to add a blanket of moisture.

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8. Inner Beauty Support

A little inner beauty love can go a long way. We are all about supporting skin and hair health from the inside as well as the outside. Thanks to the benefits of many different beauty supplements, you can tailor your supplement exactly to your needs. 

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9. SPF 

Even though the sun may not be shining the way it does in the peak of summer, those nasty UV rays are still out to play. Keep your skin sun safe and apply your SPF as the final step in your skincare routine daily. 

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10. Lip Love

Never forget the lips! Having a trusty balm on you at all times is essential to rescue chapped dry lips. An overnight lip mask is also a great addition to repair and top-up those moisture levels. 

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You will be able to find Sephora at Canberra Centre on August 25th!

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