Sephora's Winter Must Haves

Hydrating Makeup Must-Haves For Winter
Published 10 August

Winter makeup is a whole new game, especially for those with dry skin. Here are a few hydrating makeup must-haves to prevent your makeup from feeling tight, flakey and dry this winter. 


1. Hydrating Primer
The gatekeeper between your skincare and flawless long-lasting makeup is a hydrating primer. Now not just any primer, we are talking about something with ultra hydrating ingredients to support all-day moisture. 

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2. Tinted Moisturiser
If you like that “no-makeup makeup” look and are searching for something that glides on the skin like butter, a tinted moisturiser is the one for you. Weightless, hydrating and skin-like, these picks deliver an even and smooth looking complexion. 

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3. Foundation
It can be a mission and a half to find ‘the one’ that ticks all the boxes. That complexion superstar with the perfect finish, coverage and hydration that doesn't make you look oily or like a disco ball. Meet our top contenders for buildable medium coverage, a skin-like finish and long-lasting hydration. 

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4. Concealer
The last thing we need is a drying, cracking, fine line-settling concealer to ruin the day. Rest assured we’ve got the most hydrating under-eye friends for the job, featuring flexible lightweight pigments that hydrate and blur without caking. 

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5. Cream Blush
Opting for a cream blush is your best bet at achieving a lightweight dewy flush of colour. Lightly press or dab the blush into the skin using a sponge or your finger tips to avoid shifting the foundation underneath. This also ensures you aren’t dragging dry skin underneath. 

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6. Setting Mist
The icing on top of this very hydrating makeup cake is a setting mist. Time to lock it and rock it! These two mists can be used to prep, prime, set and refresh, keeping your makeup hydrated all day long.

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7. Tinted Lip Balm
If there’s one thing that really feels the effects of winter, it’s the lips. Who doesn't love a hydrated lip product that has a subtle touch of colour? Plumping? A bonus. 

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