Meet Salvation Army Volunteer Norm

Get to know your local Salvation Army volunteer at Canberra Centre
Published 22 July

The Salvation Army have a long history of fundraising within Canberra Centre, raising much needed funding for so many of their key causes. A familiar face in centre until he retired last year was local Alan Jessop OAM. Alan raised over 4 million in funding during his 33 years with the Salvos. After his retirement the friendly and engaging Norm Beckett has stepped in to fundraise for the Salvos within Canberra Centre. 

We sat down with the lovely Norm, to find out a little more about himself and what motivated him week in, week out, to fundraise in centre for the Salvation Army. 

CC.Norm (3)

What was your previous role before volunteering?
I was a Salvation Army Officer for 44 years.  I served in various ministry roles from Broken Hill to Townsville, and served in Latvia and Taiwan as training principal for officer candidates/cadets.

How long have you been volunteering for The Salvation Army?
Since February 2020.
What motivated you to volunteer?
I believe in its mission and vision of The Salvation Army that wherever there is hardship and injustice, Salvos will live, love and fight alongside others to transform Australia, one life at a time with the love of Jesus.

Of all the charity areas The Salvation Army covers and supports, what are you most passionate about and why?

I am really interested in journeying alongside those who are recovery from brokenness caused from a variety of circumstances.  As I walk with these people, it is exciting to see change and transformation in their lives and for them to achieve to their potential.

Favourite thing about being a Canberran?
I love the vibe of the city and country environs which surrounds us. I love it so much I have chosen to retire here.

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Image Credit: TravelsWithMichelle via Instagram

Favourite season?
I enjoy the warmth of summer but also the colours of autumn.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am an avid reader.  I also enjoy walking.

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Your go-to hot drink order?

Normally, either black tea (any kind) or latte

Any Pets?

We have a moodle pup named Caesar who is a ‘thief’ – always pinching anything left lying around! 

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Why should people donate to The Salvation Army?
Life is tough for many people and the need is great and diverse.  Donations help to improve the life of many in our local communities. All monies raised by the local TSA is returned for use in the Canberra community.  

Next time you’re in centre keep an eye out and say hello to Norm, located in centre on level 1 near Lorna Jane, or ground level near Flight Centre. To donate to the Salvation Army CLICK HERE. 

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