With two distinct dining areas serving up Canberra’s best selection of Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku, discover the legend of Taki, through a bespoke dining experience, chosen by you.
Published 25 October

The highly anticipated Tiger Lane precinct will introduce a curated collection of modern Asian food experiences from higher end dining experiences through to fun, lively street food. Canberra Centre is thrilled to introduce to you the first dining destination opening in Tiger Lane is Taki

With two distinct dining areas serving up Canberra’s best selection of Shabu Shabu and Yakiniku, you’re invited to discover the legend of Taki, through a bespoke dining experience, chosen by you.

Tiger Lane

Taki will be the first restaurant launching within the highly anticipated Tiger Lane Precinct. Tiger Lane is inspired by the hawker centres of Asia and spanning 2000sqm, Tiger Lane is an all-new dining destination featuring 12 dining outlets and bars split into different sections reflective of their cuisine and country of origin including: Japan, South Korea, Southern China, Northern China and SouthEast Asia. Find Out More HERE.

Taki (3)

Discover Taki

Launching in early November, the first venue to open is Taki. With interiors inspired by the imaginative and inspiring Japanese film ‘Spirited Away’, Taki is divided into three spaces, featuring a topographic tatami to the left of the restaurant, a kitchen surrounded by the fresh produce in the centre, and to the right, the main dining room. Panels of pine timber and stone finishes define the mood in the dining spaces, with sets of mirrors along the walls that merge the boundaries. 

On one side of the restaurant, tatami mats will provide a traditional dining space with a focus on elevated hotpots, while the main dining room shifts focus to Yakiniku cooked over charcoal, with local and imported Wagyu - all complemented by a contemporary Japanese a la carte menu. Hotpots on the menu include: Gyushiki, Wagyu shabu shabu hotpot; Yose Nabe, seafood lovers hotpot; and Chankonabe, a chicken and seafood hotpot.



Shabu-Shabu’s legend begins by the river, with a thousand golden Koi battling the current upstream in pursuit of the river's mystical source. In-house, the legend of Taki is brought to life with traditional tatami mat seating centred around a bubbling Shabu-Shabu (hot pot). Choose from three custom platters, demonstrating the very best of Australian produce, as you immerse your senses in an interactive feast. 


As the myth unfolds, just a single Koi holds the perseverance required to battle the current. Eventually, he reaches the source of the stream where a reward for his efforts awaits and the Koi is transformed into a fabled, golden dragon. At the dining table, guests will experience the fiery heat of the dragon through an extensive Yakiniku offering, showcasing meat and seafood cooked tableside over coals served with a flavourful selection of house-made dipping sauces and spices.

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Head Chef Shaun Presland

The menu creation at Taki is led by former Sake chef Shaun Presland, taking on his new role as executive chef across the different outlets in Tiger Lane. Presland has had a resounding effect on the Japanese dining scene in Australia and beyond and has returned from London to oversee the development of this exciting new food precinct.

He’s amassed an incredible 18 chef hats since his first executive chef position, alongside 7 Japanese restaurants in 3 states (all still operating very successfully) since 2000.  He has also been responsible for the training and development of numerous chefs who, in turn have ventured out to do amazing things themselves.

Presland said, “We’re so thrilled to finally open the doors to one of the most exciting food experiences in Australia. Tiger Lane will up the ante of the food scene in Canberra, with unique and notable venues at every corner, the diverse offering is sure to have something for everybody.”

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