Introducing Tiger Lane
A new one-of-a-kind dining precinct with celebrated Australian chef Shaun Presland at the helm.
Published 22 August

Tiger Lane, a one-of-a-kind dining experience is set to open at Canberra Centre later this year, with celebrated Australian chef Shaun Presland at the helm. Tiger Lane will be an all-new dining destination inspired by the hawker centres of Asia. Spanning 2000sqm, Tiger Lane will feature 12 dining outlets and bars split different sections reflective of their cuisine and country of origin including: Japan, South Korea, Southern China, Northern China and South East Asia.

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Celebrated Hatted Chef Shaun Presland 


Shaun Presland, ex-culinary director for Sake, is leading the food direction across Tiger Lane. Presland has had a resounding effect on the Japanese dining scene in Australia and beyond, and has returned from London to oversee the development of this exciting new food precinct.



He’s amassed an incredible 18 chef hats since his first executive chef position, alongside 7 Japanese restaurants in 3 states (all still operating very successfully) since 2000.  He has also been responsible for the training and development of numerous chefs who, in turn have ventured out to do amazing things themselves.

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