Introducing Mrs Wang

With a glorious 1930s art deco style interior.
Published 08 May

Housed within Tiger Lane is the restaurant Mrs Wang, the largest of the precinct. 

Mrs Wang is an expression of the ever-evolving Chinese food culture created in Australia. The restaurant is designed in particular as a place of discovery – it’s an anchor of the precinct and gives a sense of the unexpected, paying homage to yum cha culture, with a glorious 1930s art deco style.


Vibrant flavours of China are bought to life with modern Chinese cooking techniques and fresh Australian produce. Each dish is plated with Mrs Wang’s signature contemporary twist, showcasing the best of the cuisine’s culinary heritage. 

Mrs Wang3

Guests are invited to share and savour each dish, creating a communal dining experience that is both delicious and memorable.

Mrs Wang

Spanning 2000 square metres, Tiger Lane is a never-before-seen concept for the Capital and is set to become Australia’s best pan-Asian food experience. Discover more about Tiger Lane HERE.