Tiger Lane Now Open

Discover the precinct set to become Australia’s best pan-Asian food experience.
Published 08 May

After opening restaurants Taki and Inari in late 2022, Canberra Centre is pleased to announce the second, and largest, stage of the highly anticipated Tiger Lane precinct is now open. 
Spanning 2000 square metres, Tiger Lane is a never-before-seen concept for the Capital and is set to become Australia’s best pan-Asian food experience.

Included in the precinct are five hawker-inspired eateries, a modern Chinese restaurant, and a central bar, each offering a unique and delicious culinary experience, spanning signature pan-Asian flavours from Japan to South Korea, China and Southeast Asia.



Introducing A Never-before-seen concept for the Capital 

Tiger Lane will offer an urban thoroughfare, inspired by the hawker centres of Asia, and is an action-packed sensory overload, lined with the hawker food stalls, and anchored by the three restaurants. 

Lining the ceiling are endless rows of red and white neon strips, mimicking the passing traffic of busy streets. A stainless steel bar sits at Tiger Lane’s heart, reflecting the chaotic surrounding visual stimuli in its mirrored surfaces. 

Urban activations feature, such as a life-sized bus stop and quirky Asian vending machines. Setting the tone at the precinct’s entry is an Australian-first digital LED floor and responding soundscape to capture your attention and welcome you inside. 


Tiger Lane was designed by specialist interior architecture firm, Interior Life, led by director Tomas Scerbo. “We worked hard to evoke the feelings that you get in bustling Asian streets like Tokyo, and Hong Kong from which we drew inspiration. Places that are all joined by a common thread of vibrancy,” says Scerbo.

“When you walk inside Tiger Lane you will experience a huge sensory awakening because it’ll feel as close as possible to the real thing – the vibrant, electric and intense energy and spice in the air and in the food of these places.”

“They’re loud and they overload the senses but that’s how they’re meant to be,” he adds.

The restaurants offer refuge and a quiet place of escape from the vibrancy of the street. 

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Introducing Mrs Wang

Restaurant, Mrs Wang, is the largest of the precinct and is an expression of the ever- evolving Chinese food culture, created in Australia. Executive Chef of Mrs Wang is legendary local chef Gerald Ong, of Project Enoki fame. Find out more about Mrs Wang HERE

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Discover More Exciting Hawker Inspired Restaurants 

From irresistible Korean fried chicken to delicate sushi hand rolls, and mouth-watering duck dishes, discover more hawker-inspired eateries to enjoy within Tiger Lane. Discover now HERE



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